Heddon Jointed Vamp Antique Lure

Heddon Jointed Vamp Antique Lure

The Heddon Jointed Vamp Antique Lure was first introduced in 1927 by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan. Expanding upon the success of its straight uni-body predecessor the Heddon Vamp, the Jointed Vamp was given a model series 7300. This wooden, glass eyed vintage fishing lure would enjoy success and be in favor with fisherman in Heddon’s line up for decades to come.

While the Heddon Jointed Vamp Minnow would stay the same length, measuring 4 1/2″ it would go mirror the hardware and eye, and box changes of its brethren and of Heddon in general. Starting with L Rig hook hangers in the 1920’s it would move to Toilet Seat, Flap Rig, and on to Surface Rigging. The lure would begin with glass eyes, make a brief appearance in zinc, nail tack and on to the painted versions that would couple with the surface rig.

White all these other changes would take place certain things would remain the same. The Jointed vamp would employ the use of three treble hooks, a diving lip and a forward line tie placed below the nose and above the diving lip.

The Swimming Vamp (Jointed)

Now comes the newest member of the Vamp Family – the New Jointed Vamp. No. 7300 Series. The jointed feature of this bait gives an entirely new movement and provides additional luring. Dives, swim, and floats when at rest, the same as all […]

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Creek Chub Beetle Lure

Creek Chub Beetle Lure

The Creek Chub Beetle Lure was first introduced in 1931. Made in Garrett Indiana by the Creek Chub Bait Company this antique fishing lure was a model series number 3800. Produced for 23 years this wooden antique lure measures 2 1/2″ in length and weighs in a 3/4 oz. The lure uses bead eyes instead of the traditional realistic glass eyes. The Beetle has two trebles the first one secured by the traditional cup rig and the rear is fixes inline at the end of a trailing leader. The trailing leader also uses mother of pearl type flashers as an attractant.

The beetle comes standard in only a half a dozen color finishes however it can be found with variants and other special order colors.

50 – Yellow Beetle
51 – Green Beetle
52 – Red & White Beetle (Shown Below)
53 – Orange Beetle (Shown Below)
54 – Gold Beetle
55 – Black Beetle

The Catalog cut below is from 1931 the first year year it was produced and discusses it’s features and functions.

This lure is meant to represent a ” Water Beetle” and travels quite deep, in use it should be reeled at a moderate to fast speed or trolled moderately fast, you will not find it revolving or twisting the line, always runs right side up. Non-fouling hooks, the extended rear hook with spinners is a sure cure for “short biters” and the flashing […]

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Creek Chub Jointed Pikie Antique Lure

Creek Chub Jointed Pikie Antique Lure

The Creek Chub Jointed Pikie Antique Lure is certainly one of the companies mainstays. The Jointed Pikie has a history that spans roughly 5 decades, or 50 years of fishing lure production. From various lure colors, the evolution of eye differences, lure composition, size of diving lips the Jointed Pikie has seen them all. Helping date the lure itself with its single (Post 1936) to double line tie (Pre 1935) this antique lure evolved, stayed relevant with fishermen and certainly has with antique lure collectors as well. 

The antique fishing lure was given a model series 2600. The Deep Diving version shown below is in one of Creek Chubs prettiest fishing lure colors when in nice condition like the antique lure shown, Mullet. The Color code is 07 on the Creek Chub Bait Company’s color chart. This wooden glass eyed example is shown with a deep diving lip, single line, in its correct end stamped box 2607DD and period lure box catalog. Although they probably used the same die cuts for catalogs for some time, the 1931 catalog below touts the new lure as having a wonderful wiggling motion. Even greater than its famous Pikie Minnow lure.

The 1931 Creek Chub Bait Company Catalog states: This new Jointed Pikie has a beautiful wiggling movement, flexible and sinuous, which we believe makes it a still better fish getter than our famous Pikie minnow No. 700. […]

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Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure

Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure

While it may have taken years to refine the Creek Chub Wiggler Antique Lure was the first lure ever commercially produced by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett, Indiana. The year, 1916, the World was in the in the middle of what it termed as the “Great War” or WWI. While its grasp was felt around the globe it wasn’t strong enough to quell the formation of what would become one of the largest and most significant fishing lure companies to date.

The Wiggler would grow into one of Creek Chubs most celebrated lures and would make what was a almost half a century appearance in it lure line up. This wooden antique fishing lure was given a model series number 100. Although there are slight differences the lure would measure roughly 3 1/2″ in length and weigh in at 3/4 oz.

With the lure being the first produced it is no surprise that we will see quite an evolution to the lure as improvements and changes were made to it and other Creek Chub lures. You can find the lure in its earliest stages with a washer rigged hook hardware. It would then develop into a few different Cup styles to hold its 2T, or trebles.

With more changes then to the physical hook hardware the lip would evolve going from a Plain lip in 1916, to one having its named stamped on the lip in […]

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Paw Paw Platypus Lure Rainbow Trout

Paw Paw Platypus Lure Rainbow Trout

The Paw Paw Platypus Lure Rainbow Trout was first introduced in 1941. This strange looking plastic, raised painted eye lure, was the Paw Paw Bait Company model series #3500. The lure originally called a Wham Doodle, which was made of wood with whats referred to as an alligator eye. The lure features two sets of small treble hooks on each side of the lure adjoined with unique hardware, the same of which appears on the Flap Jack lure. The lure has always been popular with collectors and was available in many different colors to look for. I’ve never figured out what they were trying to mimic, possibly a small duckling.

Some of the colors that available and the corresponding color numbers are:

01 Perch Scale 
04 White with Red Head
06 Shad Scale
07 Pike Scale (Shown Below)
08 Frog
23 Dace
24 Rainbow Trout (Shown in Gallery)
25 Orange With Black Spots
29 Black with Silver Flash (Shown in Gallery)
34 Yellow with Black Spots
39 Golden Shiner
40 Purple Scale

Paw Paw Platypus Lure Rainbow Trout Gallery

Paw Paw Platypus Lure Black with Silver Flash Code 29

Paw Paw Platypus Lure Pike Scale Code 07

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Rinehart Jinx Lure Model 200

Rinehart Jinx Lure Model 200

The Rinehart Jinx Lure Model 200 series lure is the Bass Size offering. Fred Rinehart of Newark Ohio, began producing this middle size version around 1940, three years after he (technically) started his business. The Bass size Jinx would be produced for over two decades, or 22 years to be more precise. This plastic made lure measures just 2 1/4″ in length and two trebles for securing the fish. The lure was originally made for dual purpose. By adjusting the screw in the diving lip you could turn it from a lure that swims to deep depths and the other way to produce a mode top water oriented lure.

There are a few different version of boxes you can find them paired with from the early Blue and white to the later red & yellow, and sandwiched in the middle is the more recognized tri-color, fish jumping flavor. The Rinehart Jinx can be a fun one to collect as they came in a sizable host of various colors, and not only will the colors differ from each other, but lures similar in color may vary by the location or which factory produced it. As you peel back the layers of the Rinehart Jinx you learn of the 3 different distinctive eras which had different molds and processes. The Jinx can provide many years of enjoyment collecting it with the box and paper and color differences and usually […]

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Heddon 00 Lure 5 Hook Underwater Minnow

Heddon 00 Lure

The Heddon 00 Lure is a 5 sided or flat sided underwater minnow fishing lure. The Dowagiac 00 is a wooden, glass eye 5 hook lure which first came in around 1915, making it one of the many classic Heddon antique lures that came out of the teen years and is over a century old. The wooden antique lure measure in at 3 3/4 inches, roughly the same size as the Heddon 150. I’ve seen a few variations of size of this and the 0, as well as some being a bit more refined or slim in stature. The lure was offered in a few different colors, and is a fun one to find in a uncatalogued color. Most of the time these lures are found in this color as well as the white or yellow strawberry spot.

The antique lure shown is lure photo gallery below is in the L Rig hook hardware . While shown below in L Rig, it did however come in cup rig, as well as toilet seat and up turned toilet seat hook hardware variations. The antique Heddon lure used belly weights to sink it below the surface. The Heddon 00 below has marked or scripted front and rear propellers. The Heddon 00 lure did eventually disappear from the catalog and never made it through the 30’s like its round body underwater minnow kin, the Heddon 150 minnow lure.

In one of my early 1920’s […]

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Charles Hibbard Antique Lure

Charles Hibbard Antique Lure Heart Shaped Spoon

This is an early Charles Hibbard Antique Lure. Charles A Hibbard of Grand Rapids Michigan was one of the pre 1900’s antique lure makers. This heart shaped spinner or spoon bears the stamp Hibbard, Pat March 25, 84. Hibbard became part of the L.S. Hill Company in 1879 and may have gone on his own not long after.

Both Hill and Hibbard lures featured patents that used or were center around a way to keep the spinner or spoon blade away from the shaft of the lure upon retrieval. The heart shaped spinner employs the use of his patented device. The Patent was number 295,758 and was granted on March 25th 1884.  You can find a few variations of Hibbard’s spoons, some that look like the typical L.S. Hill willow leaf, another in the shape of a fish and this one. Any that you find are not a common by any means.

Charles Hibbard Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow

The Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow is certainly a beauty to behold. It has all the qualities of a classic fishing lure. This wooden antique lure was produced in two different models a 3″, 3 Hook and a 4″ 5 Hook minnow. I was reading a 1904 issue of National Sportsman today and I ran across an add in the back of the magazine for one.

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow

All the record catches in Kalamazoo lakes and rivers were made with this minnow in the 1903 season. Hooks guaranteed not to tangle. Fred D. Rhodes, 116 Bush Street Kalamazoo, Michigan

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Ad Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Ad


“Collector Bill Sonnet dug up this great ad from the 1903 Kalamazoo City Directory”

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Lure 1903 Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Lure 1903

Fred D. Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Lure Patent Papers

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Patent Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Patent

SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 777,488, dated December 13, 1904. Application filed Nove ber 2, 1903. Serial No. 179,521. (No model.)

T0 at whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FRED D. Rnonns, a citizen of the United States, residing at the city of Kalamazoo, county of Kalamazoo, State of Michigan, have […]

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Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

The Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure was first introduced in 1955. This novelty type lure was born by the Neon Mickey Company out of Oregon. This plastic fishing lure measures 4″ in length and was available in a few primary colors. The purpose or guise of the Neon Mickey was that when the lure moved it would cause a reaction with the Mercury and Gas inside and make the lure glow. The lure is shaped like most of the traditional style salmon plugs and has two treble hooks to secure its prey.

The lure comes in a plastic clam shell type box that has written on the sides, “Neon Mickey Lights as it Swims”

The paperwork exclaims:

The Deeper it goes the Brighter is Glows!
The Neon Mickey lure was designed for casting or Trolling. It can be used for salt or freshwater fishing. Not just another plug the Neon Mickey actually lights as it swims. To see it light up take it into a dark room and shake. For best results in trolling place the sinker from 3 to 6 feet from the nose of the plug. Depending on weight of sinker depth and trolling speed. Nylon mono-filament is preferred to steel leader. No weights are required for shallow trolling. For casting it is a natural as it floats and pops. This plug is a fish getter if properly used. If you are a moocher […]

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Shakespeare Tarpalunge Lure

Shakespeare Tarpalunge Lure

This Shakespeare Tarpalunge antique fishing lure is a model #6640. This jointed, wooden antique Shakespeare lure is circa 1930 and has two very large single hooks. This antique Shakespeare salt water fishing lure measures in at  5 3/4 inches in length. The lure was touted to hold over a 200 lb dead pull weight, that is a lot for those not familiar with the phrase. The rear single hook swings freely from a reinforced screw eye hanger while the front of single hook over sized lure is held by what I term a break free clasp.

The antique fishing lure was available in both pressed and glass eye antique lure versions and changed with the other lures as they transitioned. The antique lure shown is red head flitter in color scheme finish ,and is obviously geared towards big game, salt water species of fish such as the Tarpon. The lure came in a handful of different colors including the popular Shakespeare photo finish.

Shakespeare Tarpalunge Lure Gallery

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Creek Chub Midget Pikie Lure

Creek Chub Midget Pikie Lure

The Creek Chub Midget Pikie lure is a series, 2200. The Midget Pikie Minnow lure was first made by the Creek Chub of Garrett Indiana in 1924 and lasted until 1961. This wooden antique fishing lure lure has glass eyes, 2 treble hooks. The lure has a single line tie, which helps date this package to post 1936. The lure has the desirable military stencil, again helping us date to between 1935-1950. This Midget Pikie Minnow lure package comes with it’s correct desirable end labeled box. A a collector it would be hard to ever upgrade this one.The lure is in Silver Flash color, Code 18.

Creek Chub Midget Pikie Photo Gallery

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Bomber Knothead Lure

Bomber Knothead Lure

The Bomber Knothead Lure was first produced around 1948 and this larger version given a Model number 1300. The Bomber Bait Company of Gainsville Texas produced this line of lures for roughly only 3 years making them harder to come by than the average Bomber lure. The Knothead lure was the companies top water popping bait and was available in two sizes. This painted eye lure the largest of the two measures 3 3/8″ in length. The antique fishing lure has two trebles to secure its catch. The lure has a single line tie in the center of its red paint mouth, very similar to Heddon’s Chugger Lure.

Bomber Knothead Photo Gallery

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Heddon Chugger Spook Lure

Heddon Chugger Spook Lure

The Heddon Chugger Spook Lure has a long history that begins in 1938. The antique lure made by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan would take on a model number 9540. This painted eye spook lure measure right at 3″. Like many of the base model lures they would be the inspiration for other variations to come from. Thus is true for the Chugger as there would be no less than three variations, a larger and two smaller series born from its success. This antique fishing lure was a top water popping lure, The lure at its largest point, its open concave mouth would then taper down in size over the 3 inch body to the tail. As the Chugger spanned the decades certain small changes would be done as with with the other Heddon Lures, a small change in hardware hanger type from flap rig in the 30’s to surface rig where it would spend most of the rest of its production cycle. The lure in this form would always have two trebles to secure its catch.

The Chugger spook lure is a great lure to collect as it spanned the decades the myriad colors that the lure was offered in can make for a lifetime collection. Being able to not only keep you looking, but allow you to pick up colors and variations that wont break the bank. As time goes forward I’ll continue to add to the Photo Gallery […]

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South Bend Spin I Diddee Lure

South Bend Spin I Diddee Lure

The South Bend Spin I Diddee Lure was first introduced in 1952, and lasted only a dozen years and was gone by 1964. The South Bend Bait Corporation of South Bend Indiana assigned it a model number 916 when it first came out. The 916 came standard with two double hooks until around 1959 they changed to the T916 which then came standard with two treble hooks. The lure is a smaller on in comparison to the others in the “Diddee” antique lure line up. This wooden fishing lure measures at inception 2 1/4 – later measuring 2 3/8. The lure like the other South Bend lures of this era came with pressed eyes and was the final stage before most manufactures switch completely to painted eye type lures.

While they may not command the monetary resources or the respect of many of it’s wooden brothers and sisters see, they make a great sub collection. A first start collection for youth members and even secondary and tertiary collections, because we know we all need something to fill the void that wont break the bank.

The 1962 catalog states ” A miniature replica of the Nip-I-Didde specifically designed for spinning and light bait casting. Ideal for use along the shoreline, in weed pocket and among lily pads, and when fished slowly is highly productive as a high riding, weedless surface lure. Propellers create tantalizing disturbance when retrieved.”

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Heddon Midget Digit Spook Lure

Heddon Midget Digit Spook Lure

The Heddon Midget Digit Spook Lure was first introduced in 1948. The lure was a continuation of Heddon’s very popular wooden line, and was given model number 9020. The plastic antique fishing lure was 1 3/4″ inches in length. The lure has a single forward line tie under the chin and below that a small diving lip. The lure feature two small treble hooks the center of which is affixed with bell hardware. The antique fishing lure is stenciled between the bell and the rear of the lure.

The lure in the gallery below is a tough uncatalogued color, some call it rattle snake others back scale with orange spot. The Midget Digit was available in many cataloged and uncatalogued color scheme finishes.

Below the Rattle Snake youll note some of the more standard color palate finishes. Red Head White; Code 02, RH: Pike Scale; Code M: Black and White Shore Minnow; Code XBW; Perch Scale; Code L.

Heddon Midget Digit Spook Lure Photo Gallery

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Heddon SOS 160 Lure Strawberry Spot

Heddon SOS 160 Lure Strawberry Spot

The Heddon SOS 160 Lure was first introduced in 1928. This antique lure made by the Heddon Lure Company out of Dowagiac Michigan was one of the mid sized SOS or Swims on Sides lure made by the company. This wooden, glass eyed lure was made to mimic a wounded prey fish. The antique fishing lure was a concave type slab that laid on its side in the water. As we discussed before imitation is the dearest form of flattery, this lure was made due to the bounding success the Creek Chub lure Company of Garrett Indiana was having with its own cripple or wounded minnow lure. We would see all the larger or Big 4 produce their own version of.

The 160 SOS was 4 1/2″ inches in length and came with two treble hooks to secure its catch. The antique fishing lure would be in Heddon’s Catalog line up for many decades and would take one changes that all in the industry would go through. The lure would have glass eyes in its initial stage and then move to painted. The 160 SOS was available in all the standard Heddon colors for each period or era. There are also uncatalogued versions such as this strawberry spot version, Heddon’s color code 169S for this example. The antique lure can be found housed in the Era centric boxes, from the Up and Downward Leaping Bass Boxes […]

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WD Chapman Photo

WD Chapman Photo

This WD Chapman Photo is truly a great piece of history. In speaking to a local historian in Theresa New York Jefferson County she said she had a photo of the antique lure maker and would make a copy of her copy and mail it to me. Little nuggets of history come together to tell larger stories. I’ve only ever seen one other photo of the lure maker, the one used in Arlan’s 19th Century lure makers Book. If anyone has any other photos of the lure maker his home (I have one of those but I haven’t finished the accompanying article to go with it) the lure factory or relating to WD Chapman, I would welcome any and all.

I can make out the writing at the bottom but the side alludes me. If you can figure it out send me an email. From the photo it looks as if WD Chapman was enjoying his twilight years the way many of us would also enjoy, under a tree and next to the water.

W.D. Chapman Lure Maker Photo

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Grover Cleveland Fisherman President

Grover Cleveland Fisherman President

What do Grover Cleveland Fisherman President and Joseph Decatur, Dr Kassen Gibson and the small town I grew up in in Upstate NY have in common?

Grover Cleveland, who in my opinion was one of our best presidents was arguably one of the better fisherman and outdoors sportsmen presidents of all time. I will show some more on Mr. Cleveland, whom he and his wife had associations to 19th Century Lure, Rod and Reel makers of Upstate NY in the future. However a friend of mine shared this article the other day, and not only did it make sense to tie his travel to central NY with his sporting affinities, below is a great article about a Dr who my grade school in the sleepy town of Norwich NY was named after, Gibson Elementary.

Although Norwich, a sub 10K resident town which is known for its inventions such as Pepto Bismal, and Chloroseptic the area also had antique lure ties. Anyone whos done some research on Captian Henry Welch of the Welch and Graves Duo will notice the Norwich as his birthplace. So while doing research Ive come to know things I wish I knew and had interests in when I spent 18 years there.

Grover Clevland and his wife were spoken of highly and even written about in Henry Loftie Catalogs as users and purveyors of his rods and even his hair products also had another reason to […]

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Schnell Fish Getter Lure

Schnell Fish Getter Lure

The Schnell Fish Getter Lure was first introduced around 1926. The lure was made by its namesake August F Schnell of Kankakee, Illinois. The lure a solid metal spinner with a rotating front half spinner or propeller very very similar to the Al Foss Jazz and Shimmy Wiggler series of lures. The front half prop was stamped patented and was allowed to rotate with or apposing the winged metal lure. The antique lure had a single double hook attached at the rear of the lure. Schnell was a teacher by trade and as far as I know only made this one lure. The lure is shown in it’s correctly marked lure yellow picture lure box showing the date of patent.

Schnell Fish Getter Lure

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Shakespeare Antique Lure Ad 1906

Shakespeare Antique Lure Ad 1906

This Shakespeare Antique lure Ad 1906 was taken from “The Evening Star” newspaper and shows us the New addition of the Rhodes Mechanical Swimming Frog to its Artificial bait arsenal. The ad illustrates the Shakespeare Revolution, The Shakespeare Wooden Minnow and the Rhodes Mechanical Swimming Frog.

Shakespeare Antique Lure Ad 1906

To Anglers in every part of the United States and Canada, I offer Free a beautiful $10 outfit of Famous Shakespeare Rods, Reels and Baits that Catch Fish.

I was every Angler to know of the exquisitely fine qualities of the Shakespeare Hand made Rod and Reels and the wonderfully successful Baits that Catch Fish. Without question the three most successful baits in the World today are the Shakespeare Revolution Bait, the Shakespeare Wooden Minnow and the New Rhodes Mechanical Swimming Frog. Game fish strike these baits savagely when the live bait utterly fail to tempt them.

Bass have been seen to rush a distance of more then 50 feet to attack these baits and many cases are reported of two large fish being landed at a single cast. In deep or shallow water, whether trolling or casting, fish actually take these baits more readily than live bait. They have repeatedly taken better and larger strings of fish than live frogs or minnows when used at the same time and place.

Two anglers with the New Rhodes Mechanical Swimming Frog in 4 hours […]

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Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure

Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure

The Creek Chub Fly Rod mouse lure was first introduced in 1931. Creek Chub recommended using a 9ft 5-6 weight fly rod to fish these new pan fish fly rod lures. The graphic photo shown at the bottom of the page is out of that catalog. The antique fly Lure was a series F213, correlating to its black color. The antique lure was first found in a Yellow and Red printed Mouse Intro box.

The Fly Rod Mouse Lure below is shown in the True to Nature Box with black insert card, however this example is unmarked. The fly rod mouse came in 3 colors, the F213 All black, the F200 Gray Mouse , and the F202 which was all white in color. The Creek Chub antique fly rod sized Mouse lure lasted 15 years in the Creek Chub Fly Fishing lure line up.

Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure Gallery

The New Fly Rod Mouse No. F200 Series as shown in the 1931 Catalog that year for just $.75 cents : “The Baby mouse has long been a favorite food of the big trout and bass of lake and stream and in this little lure we have brought to perfection the looks and action of a tiny mouse struggling in the water. Very Lightly made and lifts easily from the surface; so well covered by the hook that very […]

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