Shakespeare Worden Bucktail Revolution Lure

Shakespeare Worden Bucktail Revolution

This item the Shakespeare Worden Bucktail Revolution lure is part of one of the sets of metal lures that are iconic foundation Shakespeare lures. The Revolution lures in line symbolizes early Shakespeare. Circa 1903, this is the earlier model. You can tell by the rounded aft section and the “Mickey Mouse Props”. The later having the more bullet shaped rear of the lure. The antique lure is approximately 2″ in length, and has the identifying dressed treble at the rear of the lure. For a period of time in the early 1900’s this lure was sold by Shakespeare, but was made by Mr. Worden of the Specialty Manufacturing Company, which was the earliest predecessor to South Bend Bait Company.

Early articles and ads are not only keys to unlocking the history of the lure, they play a key part in understanding time or industry references.

Take for example this article about the use of deer hair on lures. The author of the antique fishing lure article finds the usage and correlation between fishing and deer almost amusing. The only thing that is not amusing is the old paper doesn’t scan well to provide a better image, but the ad states:

In the matter of new and original lures for taking of game fish there has been advancement. Every sort of device from which closely resemble some small insect or minnow to those which resemble […]

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