Angling Echoes This Fly and That Fly

Angling Echoes This Fly and That Fly

Angling Echoes This Fly and That Fly; Thad Norris was affectionately known as “Uncle Thad” to his legion of fans and readers. The author of one of the most important books on angling in American history — The American Angler’s Book (1864) — he was also a rod maker of genius and a talented fly tier as well. This is one of his numerous epistles on the fly tier’s art. — Ed.

By Thaddeus Norris

A year or so back, when writing out the instructions for incipient fly tyers which appeared in your columns, I intimated, or perhaps threatened, an article on flies with the above title. I say threatened” because I am disposed, while I humor and laugh at the prejudices and notions of fly fishers, to chide them kindly for their fastidiousness on points that are not in the least essential. Mr. H. Cholmondely Pennell, an angler of long and varied experience, in his “Modern Practical Angler” declares that is it vanity and vexation of spirit, this multiplication of names and varieties of combinations of “fur and feather,” and settles down to three simple trout flies — if flies they can be called — and avers that they all meet all the necessities of the angler. These, as described and depicted in his books, are three simple, bristly-looking hackles — brown, yellow, and green — the butt of the hackle forming […]

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Friday Funhouse Feburary 16 2018

Friday Funhouse Feburary 16 2018

The Video of the Week

If you don’t know Andy Foster — former president of ORCA — watch this video as he gives a great overview of antique fishing reels.

12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

Holy moly are these two Tuna Jigs blowing up!


This is a really intricately engraved Winchester #2644 Reel.


This is another great Heddon 150.


This Heddon #900 in the box is driving the Heddon folks wild.


Storm Wiggle Warts are just plain hot right now.


I really love the Green Crackleback color especially on a Heddon River Runt.


A mint Penn Model 249 is a great find.


A Hildebrandt dealer display case is superb.


An early Pflueger Medalist #1392 is an iconic fly reel.


This Doug English Advertising Lure is incredible — Doug gave them out every Christmas to friends and clients.


This CCBC Wagtail Chub is a nice find.


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Tight Lines Tuesday Trout Assortment

Tight Lines Tuesday Trout Assortment
by John Etchieson

Tight Lines Tuesday Trout Assortment; Finding a rare brand of fishing line that was made more than 85 years ago is almost impossible for a collector of antique fishing tackle to do these days and then finding the identity of the graphics artist that provided the image for the label is even harder still. But sometimes fate is kind and you find both within the very same week and you simply cannot believe your extreme good fortune. This rare “Trout Assortment” brand fishing line was introduced by the Newton Line Company of Homer, New York in the late 1920s and the artwork for both the line spool label and the cover of the Outdoor America magazine published in April 1927 were produced by the great outdoor writer and illustrator Charles Otis Wilson.

So, on this Tuesday I am feeling very fortunate indeed to add this little antique tackle treasure to my collection and to be able to identify both its artist and its age too.

Comments and questions may be sent to John at

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Sunday Reads Trout Fishing in the Rangeley Lakes

Sunday Reads Trout Fishing in the Rangeley Lakes

Sunday Reads Trout Fishing in the Rangeley Lakes; Edward Seymour was a classic Eastern “sport” — one of the those wealthy New Englanders who were among the first to frequent the nearly pristine wilderness of the northeast. His article reproduced here is widely considered one of the most important pieces of fishing literature of its time, important not just for influencing many others to try the fishing in Maine but also for its amazingly detailed description of life in a Rangeley camp. The article gave greater fame to the author when it was collected into a book of fishing essays in 1883, and as late as 1918 was being excerpted at length in major sporting magazines. It’s still a joy to read almost a century and a half after it was written and is a wealth of information to those seeking to understand fly fishing in the nineteenth century. — Ed.


By Edward Seymour

………..Before describing Camp Kennebago in detail, it may be as well to give in brief a sketch of the history of the Oquossoc Angling Association, of which organization this camp is the headquarters. So long as thirty years ago, a sportsman now and then worked his way through the wilderness to these lakes, but it is only within the last fifteen years that the Rangeley, Kennebago and Cupsuptuc Lakes, with the upper end of Mooselucmaguntic, have become at all well […]

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Big Fish that got us at Sombrero Light Key

Big Fish that got us at Sombrero Light Key

Big Fish that got us at Sombrero Light Key; Bill DeWitt was a major figure in the fishing tackle trade from the 1930s through the 1950s. As owner of the Shoe Form Company in Auburn, New York, he opened Bill DeWitt Baits as a division of his firm and sold fishing lures and assorted tackle made of “pyra-shell,” a type of plastic. He also bought out a defunct hook making firm in Redditch, England and had the machines shipped to Auburn, where he manufactured fish hooks for over two decades. In this article, published in the Sporting Goods Dealer, he recounts a fishing trip to Florida. — Ed.

The Big Fish that got us at Sombrero Light Key

THERE is good fishing at Fort Lauderdale, Fla., but the far-off waters look the more enticing, and we had a yen for the blue
waters and the big fish around Sombrero Light. So, about half an hour before dawn, we slipped away from our mooring on the New River, tingling with excitement, using our running lights and spotlight to find the channel and the markers. Our party consisted of Mrs. DeWitt, my friend, Dr. R.F. Johnson, the skipper and myself. Our departure had been preceded by the usual five or six days of frantic work in checking our craft, the “Caroline,” to be sure that motor, hull, steering apparatus, compass supplies, and cooking utensils were all ship-shape.

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Sneak Peek Angling Echoes February Cover

Sneak Peek Angling Echoes February Cover

Sneak Peek Angling Echoes February Cover; Wont be long and our 2nd issue will be out. Here is a Sneak Peek at February’s cover and a few of the story titles.

Come take a look, and view a free high quality copy in flip-book form inside the page. Or for less than a cup of coffee download a copy in PDF or Flip Book format.

To Read the Premier Jan Issue for Free, containing many great stories that had been lost in time visit the Premier Issue of Angling Echoes in its entirety, please visit

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Angling Echoes Season of Ice Fishing

Angling Echoes Season of Ice Fishing

Angling Echoes Season of Ice Fishing; Emerson Hough (1857-1923) was one of the finest American outdoor writers of his era. Best known for his historical novels like The Mississippi Bubble and 54-40 or Fight, he penned the “Chicago and the West” column for Forest & Stream for many years, introducing many American readers for the first time to the wonders of angling and hunting in the Midwest. In this article, penned for one of the dozen or so Chicago daily newspapers, he gives a beautiful description of what ice fishing was like in the late nineteenth century.-Ed

Season of Ice Fishing

By Emerson Hough

……Indeed, winter is a time of the keenest delight for outdoor
folk. As a season it is all too little understood. The men who growl at winter only advertise their own decadence. It is the men from the winter countries who have done the great things in this world. The land that knows no snow is not the place for a man to live who wants to get the most out of his natural endowment of energy and resource. So far from being a season of “slothful hibernation,” winter may be, and should be, a season of renewal or energy and activity. For some reason best known to the captains of commerce, the summer time has always been that set aside for the vacation season. The average man comes back from a summer vacation more […]

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Tight Lines Tuesday Kingfisher Introduces Color

Tight Lines Tuesday Kingfisher Introduces Color

by John Etchieson

Tight Lines Tuesday Kingfisher Introduces Color; Kingfisher Introduces Color – 108 years ago in 1910 the E J Martin’s Sons company of Rockville Connecticut introduced color into the bird image and labels of their famous Kingfisher brand of silk fishing lines for the first time sine 1890. That very first year, and for only one year their wooden spools were painted gold, and for that one year only the border around the bird was green in color instead of red (it remained red for more than 30 years after) There are only a handful of the green border Kingfisher labels still in existence today making this spool of fishing line one of the very rarest.

Comments or questions may be sent to John at

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The Frostfish and the Dry Fly


THE FROSTFISH AND THE DRY FLY; Edward T. Whiffen is one of the great forgotten outdoor writers of the early part of the twentieth century. A playwright and poet of note, he penned a number of eclectic outdoor articles on odd subjects such as this one on the Adirondack Frost Fish (another name for the Round Whitefish), of which Whiffen was surely the first to write about as a gamefish. His articles on rodmaking have been collected and published by The Whitefish Press in the
book Bamboo Lore: Notes on Making, Wrapping, and Repairing Bamboo Fly Rods
(2018). — Ed.


……I should have been skeptical about what the frostfish might do with a fly. Only the summer before, a friend and myself had
successfully demonstrated that frostfish will take bait, and may be caught, if light enough tackle and hooks sufficiently small are used, but I still implicitly believed that frostfish were in deep water during the summer. This guide, by the way, had been skeptical about the taking of frostfish with hook and line, and had had to be “shown.”

“Well,” said the guide, a few minutes later, as rises continued, “if I had a fly-rod, I’d throw out, and see if I could find out what’s comin’ up so.” This was a hint for me, and I took it.

The fly, a blue dun, was paraffined with the pad, and the […]

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Angling Echoes Salmo Fontinalis

Angling Echoes Salmo Fontinalis

Angling Echoes Salmo Fontinalis; The fish here reproduced, be it understood, is a genuine specimen of the speckled brook trout, or, to put it scientifically, of the Salmo-fontinalis, and weighed eight and a half pounds when taken from the water by its captor, R. G. Allerton, of New York City. It had all the recognized peculiarities of brook trout, the square tail, small head, mouth black inside (instead of white, as is the case with lake trout), and finally the bright vermilion spots which distinguish brook trout from all other species. This particular fish was captured June 5, 1869, in Lake Mooselucmaguntic. It was taken on a trolling line after a contest lasting forty-nine minutes. When landed it was entirely uninjured, and several days after when killed it was laid upon a piece of birch bark, and its outline traced, and then filled in by an amateur artist. The engraving has been made from this original drawing, which is reduced nearly five-sixths, or, in other words, the figure here given is a little over one-sixth life size. In length this trout measured 25 inches, and at the thickest part its girth was 17 inches. There is nothing like accuracy in a “fish story,” and as this trout is by no means the largest which has been captured in the Rangeley Lakes, and is one of thousands of this species ranging from half a pound to ten pounds which have been taken in […]

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2018 Great Milwaukee Classic

2018 Great Milwaukee Classic

Please find a 2018 Great Milwaukee Classic Show update……..I’ve posted elsewhere, but appreciate spreading the word!

The 2018 Great Milwaukee Classic – Show Update

Well, the fun begins next week….and, we’re all looking forward to it!

2018 Show Update…..
For those attending this year….Please note that the main room block has moved from the Wisconsin Wing to the Brookfield Wing. The Brookfield is closer to the exhibit areas and offers more rooms on the first floor. We will be on just four floors, rather than six, which should make for less stair climbing or fewer elevator rides. Pre-Registration will still happen on the first floor of the Wisconsin Wing and will be available on Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll have signage up with open times on Wednesday morning. Stop by for a visit, beverage and a bite to eat. The pre-registration room will also host the live auction preview- set for Thursday evening (the live auction is open to NFLCC members and will take place Friday, beginning at 7pm).

2019 Show Dates……
We’ve already contracted for the 2019 event, which will be held on Friday, January 18th and Saturday, January 19th, 2019. I expect that the hotel will be able to accept reservations next week. As usual, we will be taking table reservations for the 2019 show next week and encourage table holders to reserve early.

By any measure, we expect this will be the largest show we’ve hosted at […]

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Creek Chub River Rustler Lure

Creek Chub River Rustler Lure

The Creek Chub River Rustler Lure was a short lived lure, first introduced in 1930 and only lasting until 1935. This lure a model series number 3700 was produced by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett, Indiana. This smallish chunk type antique fishing lure is made of wood and measures 2 5/8″ in length and tips the scales at 5/8 oz. I’ve always liked this little lure as when you hold it its not a flimsy lure and has some girth to it and feel like it could hold its own against most of the mid size game-fish, both small and large mouth bass.

It obviously was never to popular with the fisherman with its short run. The lure made of wood was adorn with glass eyes and a single line tie at the point of its nose. The lure has two treble hooks using the typical cup hanger in the center and a screw eye for the aft. The point of consternation (I cant believe I just used that word in a sentence) for both fisherman and collectors alike is its diving lip. The lip is what gives this lure its life in my opinion and keeps it from just turning out to be another Wee Dee or Weed Bug knock off. However the lip will not keep paint with any type of use and more than not on the ones I’ve run across the lip has […]

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Sparus Decussatus

Sparus Decussatus

The Sparus Decussatus looks like it belongs off the movie Tron in it geometrical color-scape. I love old color plates, and this plate is almost 2 centuries ago, published in 1833. Plates exhibit a lost art and craft akin to some of the subjects of focus itself. It’s habitat, the Coast of Ceylon, has been since renamed a more familiar, Sri-Lanka. The history of fishing is not just in the lures we use to catch them but appreciating some of these natural wonders. Catching this fish on either the fly or spin or surf would certainly be a treat.

Sparus Decussatus

Order Thoracic

Native Name, Helbili-Girawah- Basket Parrot.

S. Decussatus. The back green, gradually softening into a yellow tinge towards the lower fins; the body regularly marked, like wicker work, by graduated purple and grey tints. The head green, ornamented with orange-colored stripes and spots. The fins and tail yellow. 

The Hemblili-Girawah of the Cingalese derives its name from a sort of pouch or basket in which the natives carry their Betel-Leaf, (Piper Betel), Chunam, (Shell Lime), Tobacco, and Areka-Nut, (Areka Catechu), Called Hembili. Girawah, the Cingalese name for Parrot, is a term indisciminatley applied by the natives to a variety of splendid fishes with which the coast of Ceylon abounds. 

The Hembili-Girawah is edible, but is never sought after as an article of food. It inhabits rocky situations, and seldom exceeds fourteen or fifteen inches in length.


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OKC Marathon Ethan Lollman

OKC Marathon Ethan Lollman

I know your asking yourself what this has to do with lures, fishing or fly fishing? Well today nothing, Ive always said #itsmystorytotell. Lures, Fishing and Fly Fishing are but things to fill in the  void between the times and things that are really of importance, Family & Friends and Faith (Whichever yours maybe).

Our local newspaper printed an article about my son Ethan today and I wanted to share with the world, a super kid. I as a father envy his strength ability, tenacity, and courage and raw will. Being only 13, his dedication, determination and efforts for the 6 months or even years building up to this we nothing short of amazing. I love you E and someday when your surfing the internet you may run across this article and know how very proud of you I was, and am.

Ethan OKC Marathon Ethan OKC Marathon

For most 13-year old boys, their lives are full of video games, social media, or many other activities.

By Evan Grice

For most 13-year old boys, their lives are full of video games, social media, or many other activities.

However, Ardmore native Ethan Lollman is anything but a normal 13-year old.

“His shelves aren’t full of model airplanes, but of medals and running accomplishments,” Ethan’s father Matt said. “Each one of them has a special place in his heart and […]

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Heddon Bubbling Bug Fly Rod Lure

Heddon Bubbling Bug Fly

The Heddon Bubbling Bug fly rod minnow lure is Heddon’s Series number 90. The fly rod fishing lure is not your A Typical small trout Fly one thinks of, as you can see in the gallery against a ruler this fly measures 1 3/4″ in length. This antique Heddon fly rod lure was introduced in 1933 and however it was out of Heddon catalog’s by 1939. The Bubbling Bug Fly can be found in the up leaping bass box, as well as the cellophane window box. These fly’s are really quite fragile, and most of the time when found have most of the paint off the bottom due to the expansion and contraction of the belly weight on such a small wooden lure. The antique fly rod lure has a cupped face to make a wake when travelling across the water when being stripped.

The antique fly lure was available in only 4 different Heddon cataloged colors; GG: Gold and Green, BY: Black Body with Yellow Stripes, WR: White Body Yellow Stripes, and YB: Yellow Body Black Stripes. The lure could also be special ordered with the single hook turned downwards, as well as without wings. This Heddon Bubbling Bug Fly Rod Lure is personally one of my favorite Heddon flies to find and collect.

Heddon Bubbling Bug Fly Lure

Photo and Excerpt of a Bubbling Bug […]

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Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure

Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure

The Creek Chub Fly Rod mouse lure was first introduced in 1931. Creek Chub recommended using a 9ft 5-6 weight fly rod to fish these new pan fish fly rod lures. The graphic photo shown at the bottom of the page is out of that catalog. The antique fly Lure was a series F213, correlating to its black color. The antique lure was first found in a Yellow and Red printed Mouse Intro box.

The Fly Rod Mouse Lure below is shown in the True to Nature Box with black insert card, however this example is unmarked. The fly rod mouse came in 3 colors, the F213 All black, the F200 Gray Mouse , and the F202 which was all white in color. The Creek Chub antique fly rod sized Mouse lure lasted 15 years in the Creek Chub Fly Fishing lure line up.

Creek Chub Fly Rod Mouse Lure Gallery

The New Fly Rod Mouse No. F200 Series as shown in the 1931 Catalog that year for just $.75 cents : “The Baby mouse has long been a favorite food of the big trout and bass of lake and stream and in this little lure we have brought to perfection the looks and action of a tiny mouse struggling in the water. Very Lightly made and lifts easily from the surface; so well covered by the hook that very […]

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Fly Fishing Feature Friday II

Fly Fishing Feature Friday II

Last week on the inaugural Fly Fishing Feature Friday we dove right in to water with Geofish, a great way to not only get your feet wet, but set your shoes on fire to do something you’ve always wanted, then we satisfied your refined palet and poured you a 3 finger  of Whiskey and Water Episode 5. Albeit to make a big splash we went right in to a group of guys which make anyone working a 9 to 5 grind their teeth in sync with the passage of the 40 hour work week. On Sunday with a sunrise, we pushed the pause button on life, like we did that old cassette deck trying to time the recording of that busy life, with the same click of the finger and a viewfinder instead in order to store it for a future trip. You’ll see a duality or a common purpose, a theme if you might, as this site evolves and lays the history of sport fishing at your feet through the use of photos of antique fishing lures. While at first glimpse you may ask what in common do they share, and I hope that through time the answer unwraps itself like a good mystery novel over the course of its read.

It is again by stepping back that we step forward into another feature which through assimilation takes fly fishing to life’s core, a joke. Declaring your […]

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Catch Magazine February March Issue 45

Catch Magazine

Catch Magazine photographically speaking is at the top there’s no one out there better than Todd Moen and Catch Magazine. Issue 45 the Febuary and March issue continues down that path. The path to providing a thinnest veil or window pane between us the end user and the glass itself. Todd videos were some of the first I came across years ago and still today leave me speechless and wanting for more. From the use of Drones to underwater cinematography Todd is top shelf. Issue 45 continues with it s exploration of New Zealand and Cuba. Both destinations are on my bucket list.

The newest issue can be found here… Catch Magazine February March Issue 45

The Season 7 Compilation does not disappoint and will leave you wanting more.

And finally with such a short easy winter one cannot help but yearn to pull a beast up from the deep. Anyone who’s ever latched on to a bass on a fly and felt the strength of a black eyed monster hit, because your fly traversed its nest can attest to the rush.  While this video is 6 seasons older it takes me to where I want to be, rain and all. Not to mention this made me a No. 1 super fan of the Honda CT 110.

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Fly Fishing Feature Friday

Fly Fishing Feature Friday 

In this Fly Fishing Feature Friday I would be remiss at taking you a step forward without first looking in the rear view mirror. What am I talking about, simply put, GeoBass and Motiv fishing. While most would agree lifes not the destination, its about the journey, the these guy have taken life and fly fishing up another notch. Popping the cork a decade ago in conjunction with a few other outlets Motiv Fishing they involved us with the Trout Bum series. The basics, send guys beyond the reach of what a normal fisherman can do or go on a regular basis. Into the farthest reaches they dig to our piscatorial delight they fofil. While I will cover the Trout Bum series in a future article, bear with me while Fast Forward 5 years to 2010, where I feel the fly fishing and sponsor communities break out their roles of pennies and let these guys open up Pandora’s box. While there are many many fly fishing films out there which surpass and rival the back drop or scenic quality, there are very few out there that allow us to ride along vicariously through the lens. The Geofish film excerpt shown below allows all of us to set life’s responsibilities aside and peruse our passion.

Geofish was a hit with fly fishing enthusiast and fisherman alike and from it born the GeoBass series with great sponsors such […]

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Paul Puckettt F3T Poster Donated for Cast 4 a Cure

Paul Puckettt F3T Poster

Who’s to say fishing cant be done for a cause. While we as fisherman undeniably use the outdoors and our passion to often escape from life’s reality, sometimes, its where we turn to face it. Paul Puckett is an artist who takes his love for the shutter and turns it into wonderful pieces of art on a canvas. A Texas native who lives in S.C. now this artist, musician, and angler has taken his passion and turned it into a lifetime long journey. Working with just about every in print and online fishing and piscatorial trade rag, he produces illustrations, photos and works for all us to enjoy. Working with companies at the forefront of our angling industries which intertwine with our passion like Yeti, and Costa and many others.

Paul’s latest contribution in a collaborative effort with F3T while its intent was to be created and used for the upcoming 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour Fly Fishing Film Tour is having a positive unintended consequence. His selfless act is taking the original art work and donating it to Casting 4 a Cure.

Casting 4 a Cure Casting 4 a Cure a nonprofit organization, is set up to benefit Rett syndrome. Rett syndrome is a postnatal neurological disorder with debilitating net affect. Casting 4 a Cure took a parents compassion, dedication, and love for their daughter and coupled that with their love […]

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