Tight Lines Tuesday Trout Assortment

Tight Lines Tuesday Trout Assortment
by John Etchieson

Tight Lines Tuesday Trout Assortment; Finding a rare brand of fishing line that was made more than 85 years ago is almost impossible for a collector of antique fishing tackle to do these days and then finding the identity of the graphics artist that provided the image for the label is even harder still. But sometimes fate is kind and you find both within the very same week and you simply cannot believe your extreme good fortune. This rare “Trout Assortment” brand fishing line was introduced by the Newton Line Company of Homer, New York in the late 1920s and the artwork for both the line spool label and the cover of the Outdoor America magazine published in April 1927 were produced by the great outdoor writer and illustrator Charles Otis Wilson.

So, on this Tuesday I am feeling very fortunate indeed to add this little antique tackle treasure to my collection and to be able to identify both its artist and its age too.

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Sunday Reads Trout Fishing in the Rangeley Lakes

Sunday Reads Trout Fishing in the Rangeley Lakes

Sunday Reads Trout Fishing in the Rangeley Lakes; Edward Seymour was a classic Eastern “sport” — one of the those wealthy New Englanders who were among the first to frequent the nearly pristine wilderness of the northeast. His article reproduced here is widely considered one of the most important pieces of fishing literature of its time, important not just for influencing many others to try the fishing in Maine but also for its amazingly detailed description of life in a Rangeley camp. The article gave greater fame to the author when it was collected into a book of fishing essays in 1883, and as late as 1918 was being excerpted at length in major sporting magazines. It’s still a joy to read almost a century and a half after it was written and is a wealth of information to those seeking to understand fly fishing in the nineteenth century. — Ed.


By Edward Seymour

………..Before describing Camp Kennebago in detail, it may be as well to give in brief a sketch of the history of the Oquossoc Angling Association, of which organization this camp is the headquarters. So long as thirty years ago, a sportsman now and then worked his way through the wilderness to these lakes, but it is only within the last fifteen years that the Rangeley, Kennebago and Cupsuptuc Lakes, with the upper end of Mooselucmaguntic, have become at all well […]

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Dozey Boy Vintage Lure

Dozey Boy Vintage Lure

The Dozey Boy Vintage Lure is considered a mechanical or a spring loaded type lure. The lure dates to the 1950-60’s time frame. Made  by the Accepted Lure Company and Hasand Inc. out of 6055 Wichita Ave, Cleveland, Ohio. This non-descriptive plastic fishing lure measures in right around 3″ in length. The lure has two single hooks on the side, that when pressure is placed on the front line tie it inserts the two hooks into the fishes mouth.

We have a Red & White Dozey Boy in on Consignment this week, click below to view.
Dozey Boy Lure
If you have lures to sell or consign please contact me.

This no eyed plastic lure is weedless and has two tines coming out in proximity to the two single hooks making it weedless. The lure can be found in less than a handful of color configurations mostly in the two tone style.

Dozey Boy Lure Gallery

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Tight Lines Tuesday Kingfisher Introduces Color

Tight Lines Tuesday Kingfisher Introduces Color

by John Etchieson

Tight Lines Tuesday Kingfisher Introduces Color; Kingfisher Introduces Color – 108 years ago in 1910 the E J Martin’s Sons company of Rockville Connecticut introduced color into the bird image and labels of their famous Kingfisher brand of silk fishing lines for the first time sine 1890. That very first year, and for only one year their wooden spools were painted gold, and for that one year only the border around the bird was green in color instead of red (it remained red for more than 30 years after) There are only a handful of the green border Kingfisher labels still in existence today making this spool of fishing line one of the very rarest.

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The Frostfish and the Dry Fly


THE FROSTFISH AND THE DRY FLY; Edward T. Whiffen is one of the great forgotten outdoor writers of the early part of the twentieth century. A playwright and poet of note, he penned a number of eclectic outdoor articles on odd subjects such as this one on the Adirondack Frost Fish (another name for the Round Whitefish), of which Whiffen was surely the first to write about as a gamefish. His articles on rodmaking have been collected and published by The Whitefish Press in the
book Bamboo Lore: Notes on Making, Wrapping, and Repairing Bamboo Fly Rods
(2018). — Ed.


……I should have been skeptical about what the frostfish might do with a fly. Only the summer before, a friend and myself had
successfully demonstrated that frostfish will take bait, and may be caught, if light enough tackle and hooks sufficiently small are used, but I still implicitly believed that frostfish were in deep water during the summer. This guide, by the way, had been skeptical about the taking of frostfish with hook and line, and had had to be “shown.”

“Well,” said the guide, a few minutes later, as rises continued, “if I had a fly-rod, I’d throw out, and see if I could find out what’s comin’ up so.” This was a hint for me, and I took it.

The fly, a blue dun, was paraffined with the pad, and the […]

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Creek Chub Jigger Lure

Creek Chub Jigger Lure

The Creek Chub Jigger Lure was first introduced in 1933 and was available for 13 years. The wooden antique lure was a model number 4100 made by Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett Indiana. This glass eyed wooden lure featured, has a head at a 45 degree angle which would guide the water to its rounded or shovel shaped diving plate forcing water up through hole that was in the midsection of the body. Thereby creating almost a whale’s spout or blow hole if you will, in the lure. The antique Creek Chub lure was 3 5/8″ in length and weighed 3/4 ounce having 2 trebles to secure its catch.

We have a super yellow spotted Jigger Lure in on Consignment this week, click below to view.

Creek Chub Jigger Antique Lure

If you have lures to sell or consign please contact me.

Though shown below in the gallery in the Silver Flash & Frog Spot color, the Lure was also available in the following catalog colors:

02  Red and White
05   Red Side / Dace
11   Black and White
14   Yellow Spotted (Shown in Gallery)
18   Silver Flash (Shown in the Gallery)
19   Frog Spot (Shown Below)

Creek Chub Jigger Lure Gallery

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Friday Funhouse February 2 2018

Friday Funhouse February 2 2018


Friday Funhouse February 2 2018 ; The Video of the Week

Some of you may have seen the ABU Garcia documentary, but if you haven’t, sit back and enjoy. It really its great!


12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

Once or twice a year do you get a lure like this Heddon 150 that goes insane. Very possible it will go to five figures!


This Edward vom Hofe #360 is really rare. Could use a cleaning though!


Well, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning then finding a Charles F. Murphy fly rod.


A Heddon 100 in Black Aluminum is a striking bait.


Holy moly does this CCBC Wiggler in Black and White Spot look pretty!


Storm baits are super hot and this Wiggle Wart is leading the way.


You simply won’t find a better hand-made reel thana Jack Welch.


The Thoren Minnow Chaser is an iconic bait.


My vote for one of the most underrated collectible lures would be Smithwick, and this xxx is so cool and rare.


Be honest, have you ever heard of a Boris Flipper lure?


Love this Lash Master reel in the box!


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2018 Great Milwaukee Classic

2018 Great Milwaukee Classic

Please find a 2018 Great Milwaukee Classic Show update……..I’ve posted elsewhere, but appreciate spreading the word!

The 2018 Great Milwaukee Classic – Show Update

Well, the fun begins next week….and, we’re all looking forward to it!

2018 Show Update…..
For those attending this year….Please note that the main room block has moved from the Wisconsin Wing to the Brookfield Wing. The Brookfield is closer to the exhibit areas and offers more rooms on the first floor. We will be on just four floors, rather than six, which should make for less stair climbing or fewer elevator rides. Pre-Registration will still happen on the first floor of the Wisconsin Wing and will be available on Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll have signage up with open times on Wednesday morning. Stop by for a visit, beverage and a bite to eat. The pre-registration room will also host the live auction preview- set for Thursday evening (the live auction is open to NFLCC members and will take place Friday, beginning at 7pm).

2019 Show Dates……
We’ve already contracted for the 2019 event, which will be held on Friday, January 18th and Saturday, January 19th, 2019. I expect that the hotel will be able to accept reservations next week. As usual, we will be taking table reservations for the 2019 show next week and encourage table holders to reserve early.

By any measure, we expect this will be the largest show we’ve hosted at […]

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