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Funhouse Friday February 23 2018

Funhouse Friday February 23 2018

The Video of the Week

Kentucky Afield does a lot of great videos, including this survey of Lew Kornman’s tackle collection.

12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

Congress Trade Minnows from Supplee-Biddle Hardware are always fun.


I think CCBC Red Wing Black Bird is one of my top five lure colors, especially on a lure like the Pop ‘N Dunk.


Not sure how rare this J.C. Dicks surf lure is, but it is pretty cool.


These Field & Stream Musky Honor Pins are SUPER rare.


Always like these Heddon 100s in the white label box.


My favorite CCBC lure is the Creek Chub Gar.</br?


Your instant collection alert are these 47 Split Shot Tins.


A Shakespeare Metalized Minnow is a beautiful bait.


This Bourne & Bond Minnow Bucket is a very rare find.


I like howSewell Dunton rods are getting more respect.


A Zangi Audax is another great model from this Italian company.



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As always, have a great weekend — and be good to each other, and yourself.

— Dr. Todd

Creek Chub Plunker Lure

Creek Chub Plunker Lure

The Creek Chub Plunker Lure was first introduced in 1927. This Creek Chub of Garrett Indiana fishing lure was assigned a model number 3200. The wooden antique lure was made for over a half a century in the Creek Chub lure line up. The fishing lure measure 3″ in length and was 5/8 oz. This fishing lure was fished on top water having a tapered shape with a concave rounded mouth which held the single forward facing line tie. The lure uses two treble hooks, one just forward of the mid center restrained with a cup hardware and the rear just using an eye screw. 

We have a Red Wing Blackbird Plunker in on Consignment this week, click below to view.

Creek Chub Red Wing Blackbird Plunker

If you have items to sell or consign, please contact me. 

This fisherman and collector alike favorite was made in 16 standard colors making it a wonderful lure to collect. The lure can be found in many special order colors adding to its collect-ability. Besides the Red Wing Black Bird finish shown in the photo gallery below it can be found in the following finishes

00 Pike Scale
01 Perch
02 Red and White
03 Silver Shiner
04 Golden Shiner
08 Rainbow (Shown Below)
09 Shad
13 Al Black
14 Yellow Spotted
18 Silver Flash
19 Frog
24 Red Wing Blackbird (Shown Below)
25 White Scale
31 Rainbow Fire
32 Fire Plug
33 Black Scale
38 Pearl

Creek Chub Plunker Lure Catalog Cut 1931

The Plunker

No. 3200 Series

Here’s a splendid lure. When the bass seem to be “loggy” […]

Days off Fishing with flies for trout Louis Read

Days off Fishing with flies for trout Louis Read

Days off Fishing with flies for trout Louis Read; Louis John Rhead (1857-1926) was one of the most important illustrators of his era and an outdoor writer and tackle maker of note. Best remembered today for his children’s book illustrations, he wrote a number of fishing books and wrote dozens of articles in major magazines in a career that spanned over five decades. This article was one of many he penned on trout fishing; of note is that he also did the cover illustration for the magazine, which the editor of Amateur Sportsman, Dwight W. Huntington, wrote: “We vary our front page illustration this time by presenting to our readers a picture that will appeal to every fisherman. Mr. Louis Rhead, the artist who prepared the original, is well known as a painter of fishing pictures, who was awarded the gold medal for trout and salmon pictures at the St. Louis exhibition. His pictures have been exhibited in all the galleries here and abroad. He has illustrated and written articles for every sporting journal in America, and for many in England and France. When we asked him how this picture compared with his other works, Mr. Rhead said: ‘It is the best picture I have done, representing an expert angler doing a difficult thing in quick water, landing a double catch on flies.’ High praise indeed! — Ed.

Days off: fishing with flies for trout
By Louis J. Read

…..The most important thing in fly fishing is proper tackle and proper casting. The choice of flies is a secondary matter so long as they are quiet in tone, small in size, similar to the natural flies on the waters of the Eastern and Middle […]

No Serious Injury to Domestic Fishing Rod Industry

No Serious Injury to Domestic Fishing Rod Industry


No Serious Injury to Domestic Fishing Rod Industry; This may not be great literature but it is important historically to the fishing industry. In the late 1970s, American rod making concerns saw a steep decline in sales due to the economic recession and foreign imports. As a group, they applied to the U.S. International Trade Commission for relief. After a thorough analysis the Commission released a 114 page report in which the lead investigator declared conclusively that the rod industry was being decimated by imports. Despite this finding, the commission declared that foreign rods “are not being imported into the United States in such increased quantities as to be a substantial cause of serious injury, or the threat thereof, to the domestic industry producing articles like or directly competitive with the imported articles.” Their logic for this decision is reprinted below. It might be good to recognize that when the study began in 1978, there were over forty domestic rod making companies. By the end of the 1980s there were almost none left, and most of those still in business were having their rods made overseas. — Ed.

By the United States Trade Commission

…………Data were obtained by the Commission on average wholesale prices received by manufacturers and importers for their best-selling rods. These data are difficult to interpret because of numerous significant differences in the characteristics of the various products. But the data do not indicate underselling. The average domestic spin-casting rods were consistently priced well under the imported spin-casting rods throughout the period January 1978-June 1981. The best-selling domestic spinning rods have increased in price since 1978, while the best-selling imported spinning rods have fallen […]

Weezle Sparrow Antique Lure

Weezle Sparrow Antique Lure

The Weezle Sparrow Antique Lure was first introduced around 1946. This lure was made in Cincinnati, Ohio manufactured by the Weezle Bait Company. This wooden lure is touted to have been covered in real Mallard Duck Feathers. This ingenious idea was based on the predator and prey theory of some of the larger game fish. Of note, the face or mouth of the lure is a stair stepped patterning angling in as it comes down, unlike most of the top water popping lures of it’s era. This makes the lure appear to be wounded as its being retrieved. Mimicking that of a wounded or distressed sparrow and or duckling and appealing to the hungry Large Mouth Bass, Pike or Musky game fish.

We have a Brown Feather Weezle Sparrow in on Consignment this week, click below to view.

Weezle Sparrow

If you have items to consign or sell please contact me.

This antique lure has a single forward facing line tie, and was void of any eyes. The lure has two treble hooks to secure its catch. The combo is made complete by being housed in its correctly marked box and corresponding paperwork. The box has a small graphic of a large mouth Bass eyeing its prey from below. The paperwork is quite detailed in its features functions and benefits of the Sparrow and the Reverse discusses the Blooper Lure. While the lure never made out to be much more than a novelty and wasn’t around as long as its Jig Head brethren the company also focused on.

Weezle Sparrow Antique Lure

Tight Lines Tuesday Firestone’s Treasures

Tight Lines Tuesday Firestone’s Treasures

In this episode of Tight Lines Tuesday Firestone’s Treasures, John Etchison thells us;

In the 1930s and 1940s the Firestone Tire Company of Akron Ohio sold a lot more than just tires. Their tire and auto supply stores also carried everything from radios and appliances to sporting goods too. Among the rarest of the Firestone fishing tackle items to find today are the original silk fishing lines like the BLACK TREASURE brand and the SILVER TREASURE brand waterproofed colored lines that were made exclusively for Firestone by the Newton Line Company for only 3 years: 1939, 1940, and 1941.

Comments or questions may be sent to John at johnsetch@aol.com

Bait Casting Reels Lloyd Tooley

Bait Casting Reels Lloyd Tooley

Bait Casting Reels Lloyd Tooley; Lloyd J. Tooley was an outstanding tournament caster, angler, and tackle maker. The originator of the short “Kalamazoo” style bait casting rod, he also marketed a fishing lure that is quite collectible today. Here he surveys the state of bait casting reels in a very exciting period in reel development for The Sporting Goods Dealer. — Ed

……..Among the mighty army of anglers there are very few who can afford to waste their time experimenting. When the fisherman gets a reel it is to be, perhaps, his only companion for many an hour, and his enjoyment is made more or less by the way his reel does what is required of it. And what is required of it? First, strength; second, symmetry; third, free running qualities; fourth, balance. Any instrument is made strong by the material put into it and the method of construction. A reel to stand the hard wear and usage of bait casting must be constructed of a material strong yet noncorrosive. German silver is of all known practical metals the best, with brass heavily nickel plated and aluminum second and third. Hard rubber cannot be used alone, owing to its tendency to warp when heated; yet when reinforced with metal it becomes a substantial and handsome material. It is essential that the reel should be put together in a substantial and solid manner, without complicated or delicate parts. While we all admire strength, we also believe that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever;” therefore, a reel must be symmetrical. Indeed, I know of nothing more pleasing to the eye than the modern bait casting reel. In addition to this quality of beauty the reel must also be evenly […]