Fishing for History Friday Funhouse 2-9-2018

Fishing for History Friday Funhouse 2-9-2018

Fishing for History Friday Funhouse 2-9-2018; The Video of the Week

If you’ve never been introduced to Lee Sisson, you need to check out this short video to learn how he impacted Bagley Baits.

12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This is a BEAST of a Heddon Musky Lure.

I’ve seen a lot of Bear Creek Decoys growing up in Northern Minnesota but I don’t know if I’ve seen any that were this popular!

A Gold Ambassadeur 5500C is a great find!

This early wood minnow (possibly Woods?) has gotten a lot of interest.

I’ve always felt the Shakespeare underwater minnows like this Kazoo 3-Hook were greatly underrated.

You won’t find a nicer Horton Meek #5 combo than this one!

English made baits are always fun to collect and this old Devon is no exception.

This Don Musso Needlefish is a rare example of saltwater lure craftsmanship.

Several things I like about this Zangi 3V. First, its a classic Italian spinning reel. Second, its in a Taico box — a company best known for cheap Japanese imports. The American Import Co. (TAICO) did in fact import tackle from around the globe, not just Japan.

An old brass clamp […]

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Friday Funhouse February 2 2018

Friday Funhouse February 2 2018


Friday Funhouse February 2 2018 ; The Video of the Week

Some of you may have seen the ABU Garcia documentary, but if you haven’t, sit back and enjoy. It really its great!


12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

Once or twice a year do you get a lure like this Heddon 150 that goes insane. Very possible it will go to five figures!


This Edward vom Hofe #360 is really rare. Could use a cleaning though!


Well, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning then finding a Charles F. Murphy fly rod.


A Heddon 100 in Black Aluminum is a striking bait.


Holy moly does this CCBC Wiggler in Black and White Spot look pretty!


Storm baits are super hot and this Wiggle Wart is leading the way.


You simply won’t find a better hand-made reel thana Jack Welch.


The Thoren Minnow Chaser is an iconic bait.


My vote for one of the most underrated collectible lures would be Smithwick, and this xxx is so cool and rare.


Be honest, have you ever heard of a Boris Flipper lure?


Love this Lash Master reel in the box!


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Tight Lines Tuesday Ace Hardware by Shakespeare

Tight Lines Tuesday Ace Hardware by Shakespeare

by John Etchieson
Here is a rare 80 year old ACE STORES “QUALITY” brand Japan silk casting line from 1937 that was manufactured by the Shakespeare Tackle Company. In 1924, to increase buying power and profits, entrepreneurs Richard Hesse, E. Gunnard Lindquist, Frank Burke and Oscar Fisher united their Chicago, Illinois hardware stores into “Ace Stores”. The company was named after the ace fighter pilots of
World War I, who were able to overcome all odds, and the company’s logo of an airplane was selected to honor them. Ace Stores was incorporated in 1928, and the company opened its first warehouse a year later. In 1931, the name was changed to Ace Hardware Corporation. ACE STORES used the logo on this label from 1931 – 1950, but Shakespeare’s Japan silk lines were discontinued in 1941 after Japan attacked the USA at Pearl Harbor. So. this particular line was made for the 5 year period from 1937 through 1941
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Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach

Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach

Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach? What on earth does this have to do with antique fishing lures and just what are you talking about?

Every now and then people come and go through our lives for certain reasons, many which are unbeknownst to us at the time. Many of you who follow this blog or know me personally know of my youngest son Sam and his battle and walk with his own disease, ITP. And, some even know of my most recent diagnosis of my own ten days ago, cancer, more specifically Ocular Melanoma. I know that before this is over I will again count on someone like Peach to be kind and lend a smile.

Less then a half a dozen years ago, my son Sam was given a gift a random act of kindness that was facilitated through Madison Steiner, Peach for those who have come to know her story. You see Peach is a hustler, no, no, no silly, dont jump to conclusions, Peach is a Hustler of Kindness. Peach is one of those people that when her life intersects with yours will make you smile, maybe even shed a tear, a good one of course. She restores your faith that there are still people out there motivated by kindness, both in what the preach as well as what they practice.

As a parent of a child who has a rare disease, we learn very […]

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Abbey Imbrie Ghost Fishing Lure

Abbey Imbrie Ghost Lure

The Abbey Imbrie Ghost Lure comes from one of the larger jobbers in American fishing history was Abbey and Imbrie. Although its roots are decades deeper the company itself was founded in 1875 via merger, Abbey and Imbrie’s reach into the various facets of the fishing tackle history would run long and deep. From famous antique lure makers such as Heddon to Horrocks Ibbotson to antique reel makes like Montague Abbey & Imbrie like many other large wholesalers would market their brand on someone else’s work.

Patented in 1898 the Abbey & Imbrie Ghost was a hollow 4 sided spinning antique fishing lure. The antique Abbey and Imbrie lure is 2″ inches in length, and made of aluminum. The Ghost lure has a single feather dressed trailing treble hook to secure its catch. It can be found often with a single colored bead inserted on the housing. The hollow tube shape has bent wings protruding from its side to act as propellers while it travels through the water on retrieval. The Ghost is easy to identify as its name maker and patent date on one of the sides.


Abbey & Imbrie Ghost Antique Lure Photo Gallery

Abbey Imbrie Antique Lure Catalog 1884 Abbey Imbrie Antique Lure Catalog 1884

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