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Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Fishing Catalog 1893

Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Fishing Catalog 1893

This Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Fishing Catalog from 1893 is one of my all time favorite catalogs, as well as favorite covers. Ive always been seduced by the 19th century fishing tackle makers. My favorite period of time being between the civil war and the turn of the 19th century. Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett would turn out to be a giant in the Jobber type catalog and sell everything from locks, to horse bridals to fishing gear and porcelain. It goes without saying this catalog is rather rare not just because of the date but due to the specificity of its fishing tackle subject matter.

2018 ORCA Club Patch

2018 ORCA Club Patch

The 2018 ORCA Club Patch is now available just in time for Christmas and while your there make sure to add a years membership to your cart as well! To Purchase please follow the link! 2018 ORCA Club Patch

2018 ORCA Club Patch 2018 ORCA Club Patch

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ORCA Old Reel Collectors Association

ORCA Old Reel Collectors Association

The ORCA Old Reel Collectors Association is a wonderful group of guys and gals focused on and promoting the History of Sport Fishing Reels. If your not a member, you should be. For the membership fees you are given access to more information, history and research capabilities then one could ever compile on their own. The amount of research capabilities are second to none. The great women and men who make up the reel community are a organization worthy of supporting. From the rich and deep history of fly fishing, to the turn of the century bait casting, to the wild world of Big Game Fishing ORCA Welcomes all.

If your looking to expand your knowledge, figure out what just what you might have in your collection, or just be part of a great group of people who are working diligently to provide and share the history of the Sport-Fishing please consider joining ORCA.

You Can do so by clicking the link below .


ORCA Brochure

If youve missed the NFLCC National or would like to attend another, ORCA is having their national on Sept 6-10. Details by clicking the banner below.

2017 ORCA National 2017 ORCA National

The History as borrowed from the ORCA Website

In 1989 Mike Nogay, a dedicated reel collector from West Virginia, decided that it was time for reel collectors to have their own organization. He thought up the name, had the club logo designed, and had ORCA incorporated as a non-profit, educational corporation in the state of West Virginia.

On October 9, 1990 a letter was mailed out to reel collectors that had expressed an interest in the formation of such a club. Finally, in January 1991 the first Newsletter of the Old Reel Collectors Association, Inc. was mailed to the original 36 charter members.

From those first wobbly steps, ORCA has grown into an adventurous adolescent. As ORCA passed our tenth anniversary in 2000, we have reached our identity. ORCA’s membership currently remains between 800 and 1000 dedicated members.

The original four page newsletter has now grown into a 32-36 page magazine, The Reel News. The first ORCA Convention was held in Pennsylvania in June, 1999. This event was a fully rounded Convention rather than just a tackle show. In 1998 ORCA was the first tackle collector’s club to jump into the electronic age, with its own Web Site, and electronic data to help out our members who are on line.

ORCA is headed toward maturity with a full head of steam. We are now leading the field in collectible fishing tackle information.

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