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Dozey Boy Vintage Lure

Dozey Boy Vintage Lure

The Dozey Boy Vintage Lure is considered a mechanical or a spring loaded type lure. The lure dates to the 1950-60’s time frame. MadeĀ  by the Accepted Lure Company and Hasand Inc. out of 6055 Wichita Ave, Cleveland, Ohio. This non-descriptive plastic fishing lure measures in right around 3″ in length. The lure has two single hooks on the side, that when pressure is placed on the front line tie it inserts the two hooks into the fishes mouth.

We have a Red & White Dozey Boy in on Consignment this week, click below to view.
Dozey Boy Lure
If you have lures to sell or consign please contact me.

This no eyed plastic lure is weedless and has two tines coming out in proximity to the two single hooks making it weedless. The lure can be found in less than a handful of color configurations mostly in the two tone style.

Dozey Boy Lure Gallery

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