Friday Funhouse January 12 2018

Friday Funhouse January 12 2018

In this Friday Funhouse January 12 2018; NOTE: Guess what? I’M BACK BABY! Yes, I’ve got time to restart the Friday Funhouse and the blog again. It’s been some time but I’m happy to be back in the swing of things. I’m partnering with my man Matt Lollman over at Fin and Flame so check back for some cool happenings in 2018!

The Video of the Week

I’m a sucker for Hemingway. Not only was he a great writer, his love of fishing knew no bounds. For those who haven’t, pick up a copy of The Old Man and the Sea. You won’t be disappointed!

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This Julius vom Hofe Perforated Fly Reel is incredibly rare, even missing an end cap. How rare? One in the box went for 25k in a past Lang’s Auction!


You have got to love this Manitou Minnow.


Pflueger Atlapacs in the carrying case are super fun reels.


This CCBC Jointed Pikie in Blue Head is very rare.


When’s the last time you’ve seen a Union Hardware reel get this much interest???


Instant Collection Alert: Storm Wiggle Warts from the pre-Rapala era. Remind me to tell you about Rapala’s purchase of Storm some time!


Spears are always fun collectively and this Brainerd, MN made Lewis Gaustas model is pretty great. …


An early Heddon Zaragossa in the box is a great classic bait.


Been busy laying out an Al Foss book so this cardboard Little Egypt intro box was good to see. Predates his tin boxes.


This Penn Model 420 Spinster is a reel with a fascinating history — made in Japan, and rejected by Penn. It was never sold commercially.


Any W.D.Chapman Spinner is a nice find.


The Salties out there love these Devonshire Surf Plugs.!


And it feels good to say once again, have a good weekend, and be good to each other and yourself.

— Dr. Todd

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Aqua Sport Storm Diving Doodle Bug Lure

Aqua Sport Storm Diving Doodle Bug Lure

This Aqua Sport Storm Diving Doodle Bug Lure was a neat novelty of its time. As I had noted in the article about the Glop Lure Storm began with the two Brothers Gary and William in 1964. After 1968 brother Richard also joined the company. It wasn’t until 1970 the the Storm Lure Company founded another name to sell novelty baits under. That name, Aqua Sport, and had a PO box in Noble Oklahoma, not very far from Norman where they started. Aqua Sport would also be short lived and its name would be changed 5 years later in 1975 to the Tubby Tackle Company. Little did the brothers know that they were laying the foundation for their small Oklahoma based business that would someday be bought out by the world wide giant of fishing tackle Rapala.

The Aqua Sport Diving Doodle Bug antique fishing lure, a novelty lure like we have seen before that used bubbles for propulsion or attractants. Many are familiar with the the Bubble Sally, Bubble Minnie, Bleeder antique lures that uses insert able pills for one reason or another. The lure was made of Plastic and had a trailing rubber skirt that would use pills as the fisherman reeled the lure in as an attractant. The tail portion of the lure would unscrew allowing you to insert a tablet. These lures like the Glop weren’t destined to set any antique lure sales records and soon would disappear as would the Aqua Sport company.

Shown below is a neat salesman or store display that they used to show the lure in action, not many of these buckets exist.

Storm Diving Doodle Bug Lure Store Display Tester

Aqua Sport Storm Diving Doodle Bug Lure


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