Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

///Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

The Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure was first introduced in 1955. This novelty type lure was born by the Neon Mickey Company out of Oregon. This plastic fishing lure measures 4″ in length and was available in a few primary colors. The purpose or guise of the Neon Mickey was that when the lure moved it would cause a reaction with the Mercury and Gas inside and make the lure glow. The lure is shaped like most of the traditional style salmon plugs and has two treble hooks to secure its prey.

The lure comes in a plastic clam shell type box that has written on the sides, “Neon Mickey Lights as it Swims”

The paperwork exclaims:

The Deeper it goes the Brighter is Glows!
The Neon Mickey lure was designed for casting or Trolling. It can be used for salt or freshwater fishing. Not just another plug the Neon Mickey actually lights as it swims. To see it light up take it into a dark room and shake. For best results in trolling place the sinker from 3 to 6 feet from the nose of the plug. Depending on weight of sinker depth and trolling speed. Nylon mono-filament is preferred to steel leader. No weights are required for shallow trolling. For casting it is a natural as it floats and pops. This plug is a fish getter if properly used. If you are a moocher or still fisherman or fish under ice don’t fail to try our Amazing Glowbug.

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