Heddon Jointed Vamp Antique Lure

///Heddon Jointed Vamp Antique Lure

Heddon Jointed Vamp Antique Lure

Heddon Jointed Vamp Antique Lure

The Heddon Jointed Vamp Antique Lure was first introduced in 1927 by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan. Expanding upon the success of its straight uni-body predecessor the Heddon Vamp, the Jointed Vamp was given a model series 7300. This wooden, glass eyed vintage fishing lure would enjoy success and be in favor with fisherman in Heddon’s line up for decades to come.

While the Heddon Jointed Vamp Minnow would stay the same length, measuring 4 1/2″ it would go mirror the hardware and eye, and box changes of its brethren and of Heddon in general. Starting with L Rig hook hangers in the 1920’s it would move to Toilet Seat, Flap Rig, and on to Surface Rigging. The lure would begin with glass eyes, make a brief appearance in zinc, nail tack and on to the painted versions that would couple with the surface rig.

White all these other changes would take place certain things would remain the same. The Jointed vamp would employ the use of three treble hooks, a diving lip and a forward line tie placed below the nose and above the diving lip.

The Swimming Vamp (Jointed)

Now comes the newest member of the Vamp Family – the New Jointed Vamp. No. 7300 Series. The jointed feature of this bait gives an entirely new movement and provides additional luring. Dives, swim, and floats when at rest, the same as all the other Vamps. Length of body 4 1/2″, weight 3/4 ounce.

Jointed Vamp Lure Catalog Page

Jointed Vamp Lure Catalog Page

Aligning with the similarities of its straight brother, the Jointed Vamp Lure would also have a similar color palate and choices. While collectors who specifically study, find and collect the Jointed Vamp will find certain colors more frequent on the Jointed then on the straight, the 1930’s catalog above ┬álists the following as standard colors for that year.

S – White Body Red & Green Spots )Shown Below)
7301 – Rainbow
7302 – White Body Red Head
D – Green Scale
L – Perch Scale ( Shown Below)
M – Pike Scale
P – Shiner Scale
R – Natural Scale (Shown Below)
RH White Body Silver Specks Red Head

Z Rainbow Scale (Shown Below)

Heddon Jointed Vamp Antique Lure Gallery

Jointed Vamp Color Gallery

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