South Bend Spin I Diddee Lure

///South Bend Spin I Diddee Lure

South Bend Spin I Diddee Lure

South Bend Spin I Diddee Lure

The South Bend Spin I Diddee Lure was first introduced in 1952, and lasted only a dozen years and was gone by 1964. The South Bend Bait Corporation of South Bend Indiana assigned it a model number 916 when it first came out. The 916 came standard with two double hooks until around 1959 they changed to the T916 which then came standard with two treble hooks. The lure is a smaller on in comparison to the others in the “Diddee” antique lure line up. This wooden fishing lure measures at inception 2 1/4 – later measuring 2 3/8. The lure like the other South Bend lures of this era came with pressed eyes and was the final stage before most manufactures switch completely to painted eye type lures.

While they may not command the monetary resources or the respect of many of it’s wooden brothers and sisters see, they make a great sub collection. A first start collection for youth members and even secondary and tertiary collections, because we know we all need something to fill the void that wont break the bank.

The 1962 catalog states ” A miniature replica of the Nip-I-Didde specifically designed for spinning and light bait casting. Ideal for use along the shoreline, in weed pocket and among lily pads, and when fished slowly is highly productive as a high riding, weedless surface lure. Propellers create tantalizing disturbance when retrieved.”

The South Bend Spin I Diddee Lure was available in a dozen standard color finishes.
A – Aluminum
B – Blue Scale Finish with Lightning Bolt
BRG – Black with Red Gills
FF – Frog, Dark Green, Yellow Belly
RW – Red Arrowhead, White Body
S – Silver Speckled, White Body, Green Stripe Don Back
SH – Aluminum Body, Red, Green & Black Markings / Spotted Ape (Shown in Gallery Below)
Shad – Scale Finish, Shad Green Blue
SP – Spotted Pup, White, Black Spots
YP – Yellow Perch Scale Finish
YRG – Yellow with Red Gills
YSP – Spotted Pup Yellow Black Spots

South Bend Spin I Diddee Lure Photo Gallery

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