Pfeffer Cast Top Antique Lure

Pfeffer Cast Top Antique Lure

The Pfeffer Cast Top Antique Lure is said it can be compared to the Shiner Lure series in overall sales. The Cast Top came in a multitude of sizes to meet the needs of most fishermen. The two sizes shown on this page are the the Rare 3 1/2″, which fits into the family between the large and medium, and the the traditional large size measuring at 4″ in length. The rare size has two treble hooks secured with Cup Rigging to secure its catch vs the larger which has the 3T.

The Top Cast lure has the traditional screw eye forward line tie in the center of the notched and painted mouth. The Highlighted Top Cast is in a solid yellow with the olive / silver head and a large hand painted red gill mark. The other shown is in a desirable brown bass scale, and has the original correct marked manila envelope Jim Pfeffer used to house his creations with.

Rare Size Pfeffer Cast Top Antique Lure Photo Gallery

Large Size Pfeffer Cast Top Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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Jim Pfeffer King Shiner Lure

Jim Pfeffer King Shiner Lure

The Jim Pfeffer King Shiner Lure is a beauty to hold and admire. This huge big game fish wooden lure, has painted eyes, a large single red hand painted sweeping gill mark. The Shiner series lures were known far and wide, and was certainly one of, if not the lure that carried the most notoriety in Pfeffer’s Florida lure line up. The standard Shiners were available in 4 different sizes. These were in addition to the large Snook, Tarpon or Big Game sizes of the Sailfish and King Shiner rounding out the largest size available in Shiner series.

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Jim Pfeffer King Shiner Lure
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This lure shown is the King Shiner model and measures a whopping 4 7/8″ in length. The lure has large trebles, and uses both a front and rear prop to keep it straight during retrieval. My personal opinion the lures coolest feature of this antique lure isits 4 belly weights. The Shiner has a Solid Silver Painted body underneath all silver flitter which still is intact. The lure has obviously never been fished and would be an amazing addition to any antique lure collection, and would easily fit right into the center of a Florida themed group.

Jim Pfeffer King Shiner Lure Photo Gallery

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Jim Pfeffer Dilly Antique Lure

Jim Pfeffer Dilly Antique Lure

The Jim Pfeffer Dilly Antique Lure was first introduced to the Florida lure market around 1950. As Jim continued to expand, create and sell his successful creations. Having been in business by this point for over two decades he creates a lure very similar to that of the Orlando Shiner line. The large Dilly lure shown is made of wood and measures around 4″ in length. The lure can be found with Jim’s name stenciled on the belly.

The Pfeffer Dilly can be found in and outstanding amount of colors, over 50! Just keeping track of all those variations when inventorying or ordering would prove a feat in and of itself. This alone makes it a super lure to collect as with the different size, color, and hardware variants, one can spend many many years building out this antique lure collection. The Dilly like the other Pfeffer antique lures came only with painted eyes. The lure had two trebles one belly and one rear trailing, both using the typical screw eye and cup rig hook hardware. The lure has belly weights to get it down to the depths where it provides a vibrating type action to entice its catch.

Jim Pfeffer Dilly Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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Pfeffer Spin Cripple Lure

Pfeffer Spin Cripple Lure

The Pfeffer Spin Cripple Lure is the smallest of the three sizes of Cripples produced by Jim Pfeffer. Jim Pfeffer, Florida Lure maker who history begins in Rome Ny would not make his way to Orlando until 1925, at the age of 1939. As far as Florida lure makers its hard to tell the story without Jim Pfeffer. His artistic impression, his artistic influence with other lure makers, his distribution model, his honor to hold to a promise being put above potential profits. Bill Stuart has dozens of pages of information about Jim, a person some refer to as the James Heddon of Florida lures.

The Spin Cripple is a lure that is just what its name conveys. It definitely didn’t have the resources allocated to the line development as say the Banana or the Orlando Shiner. But its also produced in the mid 1930’s when other giant lure companies we having a windfall on the success of “Injured Minnow” & “SOS” style lures. But much said to Pfeffer’s style and distribution, he dint ramp things up to sell across the country, he kept his agreements in place, even reportedly having turned down and sent back a check for $1200 to Abbey & Imbrie who wanted to buy 100 assorted baits.

The Spin Cripple is a small wooden antique lure, only measuring 2 3/4″ in length and weighing in at 4/10th of an ounce. ┬áThe wooden lure was made in a flt style with upturned sides to allow the antique lure to lay and fish on its side. The lure has the lure dual props both fore and aft, it had only room for 2 Trebles or 2T, the rigging a countersunk screw eye without tradition cups. The lure had no belly weight allowing the lure to float and fish from the top of the water . Laying on its side like an injured slab or fish. Stuart states on page 72 of Florida Lure Makers and Their Lures, the Cripple Series are “Scarce in the larger size and extremely rare in the other sizes”. The lure is in the standard Bass Scale color Dark Green Back with Yellow Belly.

Pfeffer Spin Cripple Lure Photo Gallery

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