Pfeffer Spin Cripple Lure

///Pfeffer Spin Cripple Lure

Pfeffer Spin Cripple Lure

Pfeffer Spin Cripple Lure

The Pfeffer Spin Cripple Lure is the smallest of the three sizes of Cripples produced by Jim Pfeffer. Jim Pfeffer, Florida Lure maker who history begins in Rome Ny would not make his way to Orlando until 1925, at the age of 1939. As far as Florida lure makers its hard to tell the story without Jim Pfeffer. His artistic impression, his artistic influence with other lure makers, his distribution model, his honor to hold to a promise being put above potential profits. Bill Stuart has dozens of pages of information about Jim, a person some refer to as the James Heddon of Florida lures.

The Spin Cripple is a lure that is just what its name conveys. It definitely didn’t have the resources allocated to the line development as say the Banana or the Orlando Shiner. But its also produced in the mid 1930’s when other giant lure companies we having a windfall on the success of “Injured Minnow” & “SOS” style lures. But much said to Pfeffer’s style and distribution, he dint ramp things up to sell across the country, he kept his agreements in place, even reportedly having turned down and sent back a check for $1200 to Abbey & Imbrie who wanted to buy 100 assorted baits.

The Spin Cripple is a small wooden antique lure, only measuring 2 3/4″ in length and weighing in at 4/10th of an ounce. ┬áThe wooden lure was made in a flt style with upturned sides to allow the antique lure to lay and fish on its side. The lure has the lure dual props both fore and aft, it had only room for 2 Trebles or 2T, the rigging a countersunk screw eye without tradition cups. The lure had no belly weight allowing the lure to float and fish from the top of the water . Laying on its side like an injured slab or fish. Stuart states on page 72 of Florida Lure Makers and Their Lures, the Cripple Series are “Scarce in the larger size and extremely rare in the other sizes”. The lure is in the standard Bass Scale color Dark Green Back with Yellow Belly.

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