Jim Pfeffer Dilly Antique Lure

Jim Pfeffer Dilly Antique Lure

The Jim Pfeffer Dilly Antique Lure was first introduced to the Florida lure market around 1950. As Jim continued to expand, create and sell his successful creations. Having been in business by this point for over two decades he creates a lure very similar to that of the Orlando Shiner line. The large Dilly lure shown is made of wood and measures around 4″ in length. The lure can be found with Jim’s name stenciled on the belly.

The Pfeffer Dilly can be found in and outstanding amount of colors, over 50! Just keeping track of all those variations when inventorying or ordering would prove a feat in and of itself. This alone makes it a super lure to collect as with the different size, color, and hardware variants, one can spend many many years building out this antique lure collection. The Dilly like the other Pfeffer antique lures came only with painted eyes. The lure had two trebles one belly and one rear trailing, both using the typical screw eye and cup rig hook hardware. The lure has belly weights to get it down to the depths where it provides a vibrating type action to entice its catch.

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