Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure

///Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure

Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure

Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure 1914-1924

The Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure was first introduced in 1914 and assigning it a model number 3900. This wooden antique fishing lure was made by Pflueger, Enterprise Manufacturing Compay of Akron, Ohio. The lure shown is the first version, or the “Hole Eye”version, featuring painted holes for eyes. The antque lure measures 3 3/4” in length and uses the Neverfail hardware (which was patented in 1911) to secure two of the three teble hooks. The lure was offered in 7 lure color schemes consistant with the era and shown in the ad below.

Pflueger Surpsie Minnow Lure

Pflueger Surpsie Minnow Lure

The Liveliest of the “Live Ones”

Stock this New Floater, Diver and Wiggler and See Your Trade Grow

Brought out at close of the 1914 season this new artificial minnow leaped into instant popularity. The result of 51 Years os successful tackle building is represented in Pflueger “Surpise” Minnow.

We offer this minnow to the trade as representing the highest in artificial bait.

Our reputation as the largest fishing tackle builders in the World stands behind this bait.

The Surprise is a floating bait which dives the instant reeling it in is commenced the depth being controlled by the speed of reeling. As it comes in it’s peculiar construction causes the bait to wiggle and dart about with the eccentric movements of a live minnow. The motions that arouse the combative instincts of the gainy bass. Upon stopping reeling the bait rises to the surface.

Made in seven color blends as follows:
No 3914 Luminous Enamel All Over- Red Throat
No 3915 White Enamel All Over-Red Throat
No 3916 White Enamel Belly-Raibow Back Red Throat
No 3917 White Enamel Belly Green Cracked Back Red Throat
No 3918 White Enamel Belly-Green and Red Spots, Red Throat
No 3919 White Enamel Belly Green Bac Red Throat
No 3920 Yellow Porch Red Red Throat

Notice Hardware Dealers send for illustrated price list and discounts. Good Profits. A big line of Fishing Tackle THE ENTERPRISE MFG C0 Dept 16 Altron Ohio Akron Fishing Tackle Works Successors to The American Fish Hook Co Established 1864

Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure Photo Gallery 1914-1924

Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure 1925-1935

Around the same time we see major line up changes from several of th eantique lure makers, Heddon, Shakespeare, Creek Chub, we see Pflueger change the Surpise Minnow. Starting around 1925 we see one of the most prominent changes, we see glass eyes added the the Plueger Surprise Minnow Lure. As well as moving from Neverfail hardware to what would be deemed surface rig. The colors would also shift to stay within the consistant color schemes for that era as well. The Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure would be stenciled as such on the uper part of the mouth of the fishing lure.

Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure 1925-1935 Photo Gallery

Does a 5 Pound Fifteen Ounce Small mouth Bass Look Good to You

This big bass was landed in September by Don Leigh Fishing Editor of the Chicago Evening Journal, and the lure used was a “PFLUEGER SURPRISE MINNOW “but let Leigh tell the story. It was a trifle blustery and cold with flurries of snow the day this big one struck. I had tried nearly every bait and combination of baits throughout the day without results when I snapped on the Pflueger Surprise.

At the fourth cast this bass struck with a wallop he was fighting mad eighteen minutes he fought a rushing battle. I believe it was the natural minnow swim of the Surprise that coaxed the strike of this gamey bass when nothing else could interest him The Pflueger Surprise Minnow has the REAL SWIMMING Natural Bait a movement of a fish and it does not need any spinners, plates planes or other hardware to make it do this Natural LIFELIKE minnow swim. The deep grooved mouth gives it the peculiar darting swim of the minnow and it LOOKS LIKE A MINNOW when reeled along in the water. I never go bait casting for bass pike musky or pickerel without a selection of Pflueger Surprise Minnows in my kit because I know what they will do in any water. They have the SWIM that INTERESTS the game fish.


Pflueger Surpise Minnow Lure

Pflueger Surpise Minnow Lure

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