Whopper Stopper Lizard Lure

Whopper Stopper Lizard Lure

This is a super Whopper Stopper Lizard Lure dealer sheet introducing this new and unique lure. The sheet exclaims its a new lure, and is stamped, Nov 3 1953. This plastic jointed lure a really a unique piece and would be fun to collect a complete color set.

Presenting the new and Unique
Whopper Stopper Lizard Lure

For the first time in the history of artificial lures a precision plastic fraud has captured the remarkable life-like reality and writhing fluid action of a live bait. The eastern spring lizard of the Great Smokey Mountain region. For decades this little creature has been highly prized by anglers as a most effective live bait, it’s irresistible swimming action tantalizes the most stubborn bass into striking.

The Spring Lizard has been the doom of many prize bass, large and small-mouth as well as other species of game fish, fresh and salt water. The spring lizard is an interesting and shy little creature, although snake like in appearance he is harmless, living in and around the beautiful fern like moss and vegetation of cold clear mountain springs and branches he is considered by thousands of anglers as the most effective of all live bait. Recognizing the tremendous fish catching possibility of an artificial reproduction of the spring lizard, Jim Gasque, nationally known authority on fishing, author-sportsman and special representatives of Whopper Stopper baits, combined his creative talents with J. Fred Eder, United Press Outdoors consultant and originator of the famous Whopper Stopper “Back Running” lures to create precision plastic version of the spring lizard.

Jim flew eight live lizards to Texas for study and observation. Many models were carved and tested, after extensive reaserch perfect reality was accomplished, plastic craftsman produced precision molds for the little fraud and a new lure was born. Nature Herself molded the unique color patterns taken from the live lizard models with the expert guidance of Jim Gasque. Jim and Fred combined a total of 40 years of lure designing to perfect the lizard.

The deadly lizard lure is available in seven unique color phases and Two sizes for either Casting, Trolling or Spinning.

For Best results, let Lizard sink and retrieve medium fast with momentary pause, every few feet – work along bottom occasionally, retrieve towards surface.

1/4 oz. weight for Spinning, Light Tackle and Trolling

L701 – Ghost Grey Lizard, Milky Belly
L702 – Ghost Black Lizard Milky Splotches
L703 – Rusty Orange Lizard, Speckled Black
L704 – Ghost Black Lizard, Rusty Splotches
L705 – Rusty Head, Green Lizard
L706 – Pearl White Lizard, Black Splotches
L707 – Clear Transparent Lizard

1/4 oz. weight for Casting and Trolling

L801 – Ghost Grey Lizard, Milky Belly
L802 – Ghost Black Lizard Milky Splotches
L803 – Rusty Orange Lizard, Speckled Black
L804 – Ghost Black Lizard, Rusty Splotches
L805 – Rusty Head, Green Lizard
L806 – Pearl White Lizard, Black Splotches
L807 – Clear Transparent Lizard

Whopper Stopper Lizard Lure

Whopper Stopper Lizard Lure

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