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Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure 2120 Series

Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure 2120 Series

The Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure 2120 Series antique fishing lure was first introduced in 1941. This Crazy Crawler lure made by Heddon of Dowagiac, Michigan would be a great seller for Heddon over the next few decades. The offered the wooden version in three different models and corresponding sizes. The Heddon Crazy Crawler was a top water fished racket and noise making machine. The lure was not a lure that was fished if you were trying to keep quiet. Drawing this over the bass makes him furious and like the Jitterbug by Arbogast incites quite a hit.

 The wooden body itself was 2 1/2″ in length and had a bulbous head that trimmed down the dowel as it went down towards the tail. The lure came standard with two trailing treble hooks and was available in the two hardware version, two piece flap rig and surface rig. It’s wings stretched out and were made of aluminum and held on with a clip device originally taken from Jim Donaly. The first version of this famous fishing lure was considered the cone tail like the Frog Spot Example in the gallery below.

The Crazy Crawler Lures were offered in a variety of standard finishes, including the yellow shore, color code XRY shown below. There are very few uncatalogued colors in the crawler line up except for the salt water finished. The Crawler in the gallery photo is accompanied by its correct H.R. Brush Box marked 2120 XRY on the end flap, as well as the correct era antique lure catalog. The lure shown has the two piece flap rig hardware. The Crawler dates post 1942-46 using the red eye pupil and the hardware as our guide.

The Standard Crazy Crawler Colors were:
XRY Yellow Shore (Shown Below)
BF Bull Frog (Shown Below in The Cone Tail Body Shape)
XRW Red and White Shore
BWH Black and White Head
YRH Yellow Red Head (Shown Below)
GM Gray Mouse
CM Chipmunk
2LUM Luminous
XBW Black and White Shore (SHown Below)
XRS Silver Shore
GW Glow Worm (Shown Below)

Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure 2120 Series Photo Gallery

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Creek Chub Plunker Lure

Creek Chub Plunker Lure

The Creek Chub Plunker Lure was first introduced in 1927. This Creek Chub of Garrett Indiana fishing lure was assigned a model number 3200. The wooden antique lure was made for over a half a century in the Creek Chub lure line up. The fishing lure measure 3″ in length and was 5/8 oz. This fishing lure was fished on top water having a tapered shape with a concave rounded mouth which held the single forward facing line tie. The lure uses two treble hooks, one just forward of the mid center restrained with a cup hardware and the rear just using an eye screw. 

This fisherman and collector alike favorite was made in 16 standard colors making it a wonderful lure to collect. The lure can be found in many special order colors adding to its collect-ability. Besides the Red Wing Black Bird finish shown in the photo gallery below it can be found in the following finishes

00 Pike Scale
01 Perch
02 Red and White
03 Silver Shiner
04 Golden Shiner
08 Rainbow (Shown Below)
09 Shad
13 Al Black
14 Yellow Spotted
18 Silver Flash
19 Frog
24 Red Wing Blackbird
25 White Scale
31 Rainbow Fire
32 Fire Plug
33 Black Scale
38 Pearl

Creek Chub Plunker Lure Catalog Cut 1931

The Plunker

No. 3200 Series

Here’s a splendid lure. When the bass seem to be “loggy” and inclined to strike, try one of these. We call it the “Plunker” on account of the peculiar sound it makes when in action – “Plunk” “Ker” “Plunk”. Its a great cure for the lazy bass and say, the pike seem to like it too. Its not a fancy bait at all no “hookum” on it to make it sell, on looks but try it on just one trip and you’ll swear by it. Toss it into a likely looking pocket in the reeds or pads and give it a series of very short jerks with a rod. Dont try and make it move around too much just twitch it enough to keep it bobbing, dancing, fussing and “kerplunking” in one place for a few seconds, then reel it in a few feet, and do it again.

Creek Chub Plunker Catalog Cut Creek Chub Plunker Catalog Cut


Creek Chub Plunker Lure Photo Gallery

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Heddon Chugger Spook Lure

Heddon Chugger Spook Lure

The Heddon Chugger Spook Lure has a long history that begins in 1938. The antique lure made by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan would take on a model number 9540. This painted eye spook lure measure right at 3″. Like many of the base model lures they would be the inspiration for other variations to come from. Thus is true for the Chugger as there would be no less than three variations, a larger and two smaller series born from its success. This antique fishing lure was a top water popping lure, The lure at its largest point, its open concave mouth would then taper down in size over the 3 inch body to the tail. As the Chugger spanned the decades certain small changes would be done as with with the other Heddon Lures, a small change in hardware hanger type from flap rig in the 30’s to surface rig where it would spend most of the rest of its production cycle. The lure in this form would always have two trebles to secure its catch.

We have this very tough colored Chugger in on Consignment this week.
Heddon Chugger Spook Lure
If you have lures you would like to consign please contact me.

The Chugger spook lure is a great lure to collect as it spanned the decades the myriad colors that the lure was offered in can make for a lifetime collection. Being able to not only keep you looking, but allow you to pick up colors and variations that wont break the bank. As time goes forward I’ll continue to add to the Photo Gallery below, as I have dozens of colors in my Lure Photo Library to share.

The 1941 Heddon Lure Catalog Cut below states:

More Heddon Spook or Fish Flesh Baits

No. 9540 Series “Chugger Spook” A top water tantalizer.

A special Bait for Popping Chugging or Plunking. Has No Action on retrieve except when jerked. 

Fresh Water and Salt Water can be teased to strike by clever manipulation of a bait on the Surface.

This new model is made solely for this use. It is very buoyant and sits in the water at a slant with cupped mouth and head sticking up. 

When line is jerked lightly, the Chugger dives under, catching a big bubble and bobbing quickly to the surface. Particularly effective in quiet waters and in pockets among the pads.

Chugger Spook Lure Catalog Cut Chugger Spook Lure Catalog Cut

Heddon Chugger Spook Lure Photo Gallery

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Jamison Nemo Antique Lure

Jamison Nemo Antique Lure

The Jamison Nemo Antique Lure is one of my favorite lures made by smiling Bill. Circa 1910 this rotary head antique lure made by the William Jamison Company of Chicago, Illinois. This wooden fishing lure measured 2 3/8″ in length, and was also available in a musky sized version. The lure itself had a removable head so that you could exchange with other Nemo lures to create a myriad color combinations. The 5 colors that the Jamison Nemo antique lure can be found in are Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Green thus making a total of 25 combinations the angler could create.  The Nemo lure had a forward or front dual hook and a single hook attached to the rear which features a weedless tines. My favorite part of the Nemo lure is the hanging belly weight, which could be left on for sub surface adventures or removed to create a top water event.

The Jamison Nemo, like all early Jamison lures came in its own labeled box citing its features, functions and benefits of the antique lure. The early pink box shown below proclaims the same as the catalog cut shown and speaks of the lures use, purpose and abilities as versatile a fish getter.

Thanks to my friend Joe for letting me use this photo of his Nemo lures we took many years ago. A weekend we spent photographing his lures, grilling steaks, talking lure history and enjoying friendship. We as lure collectors need to be grounded sometimes to remember these lures, that while we may be these historical items keepers. The lures in time will come and go, but the friendships we make along the way, last a lifetime.

1916 Jamison Nemo Antique Lure Catalog Cut

“The Nemo Bass Bait while mainly intended for use as a surface bait, can be instantly changed to a underwater bait by moving the weight to the front of the bait. It will then run 15 to 18 inches under the surface; but should you stop reeling, it immediately comes to the surface, which is a great convenience in case of a backlash as it keeps the bait up out of the weeds. It can be  used as a strictly weedless bait by removing the double hook. This bait is the most attractive and effective of all revolving head baits and it is the only one made that does not twist the line. Made of Spanish cedar covered in 9 coats of celluloid enamel, which does not chip or crack and is absolutely waterproof.”

Colors: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, or any combination.

Jamison Nemo Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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