Rhodes Mechanical Frog in Wood Box

Rhodes Mechanical Frog

The Rhodes Mechanical Frog lure in the correct wooden box combines 2 different things that antique lure collectors get excited about. First off, a wood box lure, who doesn’t like just the sound of that. This antique lure box shows the printed images clearly, and shows the patent date of October 31, 1905 and a second date of July 3rd, 1906 on the end label of the box. It also give you a glimpse in the world of a 100 or century old lure marketing and cataloging with a No. 3 GWF model.

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On the front on the wood box it exclaims; Always Alive, Always Kicking, Never Tires Never Dies.

Secondly in the Combos a great antique frog lure. The Shakespeare Rhodes frog is a early 1900’s rubber frog antique lure that when the line tie is pulled the legs kick. For every good one out there there’s 10 that the legs are broke and unfortunately that’s just the nature of early rubber and fishing lures, time is not on their side. The lure itself dates to around 1909 or before. Shakespeare purchased the rights to this lure from Rhodes. The lure is 3 1/4 inches and can also be found in a cardboard gray picture box. The lure has a weighted abdomen, one forward double hook, and two rear single hooks attached via […]

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New Winner Wood Minnow Lure

New Winner Wood Minnow

The New Winner Wood Minnow was a product offered by Sears Roebuck and Company. This beautiful example is housed in a standard wood box with a railed or channeled slide type. Through out the fishing industry we see once again wholesalers, and jobbers, taking the product of another manufacturer and either adding their own touch or just repackaging the initial product. Big trade houses, Sears, Montgomery Ward, HSBC and others were locked into the century long “department store wars” each trying to offer everything under the sun a consumer could want at the lowest possible price. This would allow a consumer a one stop shop from everything from baseball gear to clothes and household items. Try looking through a catalog from 1915 vs 2015 for a comparison. The fishing lure companies at the time would benefit by increased volume sales and recognition, but at a cost to move volume usually at a lower¬†margin. Selling to jobber companies was not about what was best for the consumer, it was what was the cheapest, sounds like Walmart of today.

This version or New Winner was Shakespeare Bait Company. The antique fishing lure housed inside this slide top wooden box is a Rhodes or Shakespeare 33 underwater minnow lure. The antique lure has 3 treble hooks, 2 of which are attached to the lure with Shakespeare’s flat plate hardware and unmarked front and rear props. This wooden antique lure with glass eyes […]

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