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Creek Chub Baby Injured Minnow Lure

Creek Chub Baby Injured Minnow Lure

The Creek Chub Baby Injured Minnow Lure is an iconic Creek Chub Lure. The Baby Injured Minnow lures is the smaller of it brethren in the Injured Minnow series. This wooden glass eyed Creek Chub Bait Company lure is a model series number 1600. The lure was first introduced in 1924 and lasted for half a century, although the last few decades it was made of plastic. This Junior size version is 2 3/4″ in length, has a rear and front unmarked floppy props and has two treble, or double hooks attached. 

You will also find the Baby Injured Minnow lure with the hook positioned on the hand side on some occasions. This antique lure was available in a many colors both standard and special order, making it fun to try and collect them all. The Lure Below in the Gallery is shown in the popular Creek Chub Rainbow Fire color finish in the correct box with pocket catalog.

The Baby Injured Minnow Lure came Standard in Many different colors of the years some of them are:

00 Pike Scale
01 Perch Scale
02 Red and White
03 Shiner Scale
04 Golden Shiner
05 Red Side / Dace
09 Greenback
11 Black and White
13 Black
14 Spotted
18 Silver Flash
19 Frog
21 Day and Night
24 Red Wing Black Bird
25 White Scale
31 Rainbow Fire
32 Fire Plug
38 Pearl

Creek Chub Baby Injured Minnow 1935 Catalog

Looks Like a nice little Meal for the fish. Has two double hooks which can be reversed so hooks point up and when so used gives a bait that can be pulled over the surface weeds and pads without fouling. You’ll be surprised how weedless it is and nearly always get the. Will be equipped with treble hooks when so ordered. Length of body 2 3/4″ inches. Weight about 1/2 oz.

Creek Chub Baby Injured Minnow 1935 Catalog

Creek Chub Baby Injured Minnow Lure Gallery


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