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Heddon Plunking Basser Lure

Heddon Plunking Basser Lure

The Heddon Plunking Basser Lure is a smaller lure than its bigger brother the Heddon Basser antique lure. The Plunking Basser is a wooden lure measuring 3″ inches in length. The lure was given a model series number 8400 by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan. This lure features 2 treble hooks instead of the standard 3 on the Heddon Basser 8500 series. The 8400 Plunking Basser is rather scarce in numbers and can be fun but very challenging to assemble a color collection.

The lure in the gallery below is shown with two piece hook hardware, dating it to the early to mid 1930’s through 1948. The lure has a single line tie that is mounted in the mouth above the typical Bass mouth plate. The antique fishing lure would have come in a H.R Brush box.

The antique fishing lure gallery below shows examples in both Perch Color; Code L and Rd and White; Code 02.

Heddon Plunking Basser Lure Photo Gallery

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