Pflueger American Spinner Lure

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Pflueger American Spinner Lure

Pflueger American Spinner Lure

The Pflueger American Spinner Lure was first introduced around 1894. The Enterprise Manufacturing Company of Akron, Ohio would not be the only one to make this lure. A very similar with notable differences was produced and patented by John B. McHarg in 1896 as well as The Hedryx Bait Company. With it’s waning crescent like shape and ball spinner the arrowhead shaped spinner lure is a beauty. One side of the blade being a polished nickle the other a hammered copper colored alloy. This not only attracts fish, but antique lure collectors as well.

The Pflueger American Spinner lure was offered in a Non Luminous style which was a series number 48 as well as a Luminous version a series 47. After the 1900’s you can find the lure in a second quality finish as shown in the catalog cut from 1904 below. The lure was made in six different sizes, a one through six, the one being the smallest. You can find the lure with a glass bead or a metal washer as well. You will also find these later in production with the typical Bull Dog Logo in the teens like the example in the gallery below.

In the thrid photo in the gallery you can see the two tabs that are used to hold the sides together. This is one of the ways to distinguish a McHarg, which used a soldered method.

Pflueger’s American Spinner’s

Combination of Plain Nickle and Embossed Gilt
A Great Improvement over Anything of Similar Kind Heretofore on the Market

One of the wings is made of embossed Gilt metal, and the other of plain nickle, with a glittering ball in the center. It makes a most attractive and killing combination for all game fish. The ball, tube and blades are securely fastened together, mounted so as to revolve perfectly on a brass spring wire shaft.

Pflueger American Spinner Lure Catalog Cut

Pflueger American Spinner Lure Gallery

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