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Dunks Chipmunk Antique Lure

Dunks Chipmunk Antique Lure

The Dunks Chipmunk Antique Lure comes from a company whose lure history dates back into the early 1920’s. The Dunks Chipmunk lure lands on the opposite side of the time line dating to the late 1930’s early 1940’s. We’ve seen many lure makers over time try to mimic that what nature creates. Be it insects, bugs and smaller creatures, fishermen throughout time have tried to match the hatch, for a fly rod term. The Dunks line of the swim a lure series was that as well, from insects to creatures Mr. Dunkelberger after the merger with Carters created this series line up.

The Chipmunk is a multi segmented wooden lure measuring in at around 5″ in length. The antique lure has painted eyes and two trebles to secure its catch. The lure is crudely painted to match the colors of a typical northern chipmunk, probably more to catch a fisherman buying lures than the muskie or great northern pike it was intended for. The lure has a large diving plane or lip that can be adjusted by the fisherman to swim or dive depending on its placement. The whole series of 11 lures in the swim a lure line up had this feature. I dont think Ive ever seen a complete collection of these, and if you have one I would live to see them. Even just singles inside this line up as they don’t come around too often.

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