Holzapfel Mushroom Bass Bait

Holzapfel Mushroom Bass Bait

The Holzapfel Mushroom Bass Bait was first introduced around the early teens. This antique lure was made by J. A. Holzapfel in Jackson Michigan. If this fishing lure looks familiar to another makers lures, the Croaker by C.A. Wilford and Son of the same city they should be. Mr. Holzapfel and Mr. Wilford were friend and fishing partners.

This no eyed antique fishing lure is wooden in construction material, and measures 4 1/4″ inches in body length not including the hardware. The lure is not jointed and is only 1 piece in make. The lure were all hand painted and were available in the 4 1/4″ size as well as a 3 1/2″ version. The lure utilizes a very simple eye screw hook hardware to secure its three treble hooks. The lure had only a single forward facing lie tie.

The lure can be found in solid white, as shown below in the gallery as well as red, a spot frog and one more. The lure was housed in a plain text white 2 piece cardboard box should you be lucky enough to locate one.

Included in the Gallery Below is the Muskie size version of the Mushroom Bait, you can see its larger and thicker than its little brother. One thing I did notice is they didnt upgrade the hook size even though they increased the size of the antique lure.

Holzapfel Mushroom Bass Bait Photo Gallery


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