Creek Chub Midget Beetle Lure

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Creek Chub Midget Beetle Lure

Creek Chub Midget Beetle Lure

The Creek Chub Midget Beetle Lure was first produced in 1939. The classic Creek Chub made in Garrett Indiana was a model number 6000. The Baby Beetle lure is exactly the same as its bigger brother except the antique fishing lure was only 2″ in length. This wooden lure was decorated with bead eyes a frontward facing diving lip and had a single flasher adorned tail leader. The rear wire not only was a place for the MOP type flasher it was was the rear hook was held to. The other hook was held with the traditional Creek Chub Cup rigging. This antique lure came in 6 standard colors as well as a few non cataloged color schemes including the Midget Bettle Shown in the feature image and first gallery.

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Creek Chub Midget Beetle

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The colors that came standard on the Midget or Baby Beetle were
50 Yellow Beetle (Shown Below)
51 Green Beetle
52 Red and White Beetle
53 Orange Beetle
54 Gold Beetle (Shown Below)
55 Black Beetle with Red

Creek Chub Midget Beetle Lure Photo Gallery

Creek Chub Midget Beetle in Black and Gold Model 6054 Gallery


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