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South Bend Combination Minnow

South Bend Combination Minnow

The South Bend Combination Minnow was an early lure and was first produced in 1912 and was given a model series number 931 / 932. Only three years after the legal formation of the company, the South Bend Bait Co released this a model series 1932. This fishing lure would last roughly 13 years in South Bends lure line up and disappear around 1925. This wooden antique lure is on the smaller side, measuring only 2 5/8″ in length. The lure is touted to been a carry over from the Worden Company for those interested in the early history.

The Combination Minnow lure a simple wooden minnow with a single front propeller to slice through the water upon retrieval, and a single belly weight to help drop it to its prey. The lure has a single treble hidden inside its voluptuous buck tail which in the early years were available in three shades; white, white/brown and white/grey. After 1916 they only came in the natural deer shade.

Believe it or not the South Bend Combination Minnow came in an astonishing 18 standard colors, which is a ton for this little fishing lure. Although the 1912 catalog doesn’t list them, some of the Color available were:

GCB – Green Crackle Back
LUM – Luminous
Rain – Rainbow
RH – Red Head White Body (Shown in the Gallery Below)
SR – Red Body Dark Shaded Back
SW – White Body Dark Shaded Back
W – White with Spots
YP – Yellow Perch

The 1916 South Bend Catalog states: “This is a clean, sportsmanlike, small, under-water minnow; the Buck Tail is substantially tied on the minnow body. It is equipped with one treble hook, which is masked by the buck tail. This provides a bait that can be used most successfully in fairly weedy waters. Also is an excellent river bait. It has built up a reputation as being very effective and invariably lands a strike. It is used extensively by the sportsmanlike angler; also, in states where the law prohibits using more than one treble hook.”

South Bend Combination Minnow

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Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad

Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad

This Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad is out of Forrest and Stream from January 25th, 1885.

Chapman’s Bait Still Ahead

The “New Combination,” Just Out. See Cut

In Three Sizes for Pike, Pickerel, Bass, Trout & Muskellunge

Read the Testimonials:

W.D. Chapman and Son, Theresa, New York: As an old fisherman who has used your baits for the past twenty five years, allow me to congratulate you on the success of your New Combination Bait for Trout, Muskellunge, and Bass. It is very attractive, as the record of catches in Wisconsin last fall will show. I consider it the best bait in its different sizes made, and predict for it the largest sale of Any Bait Ever Made.  

Yours Truly, A.G. Ryther

W.D. Chapman and Son, Theresa, New York: I take pleasure to testifying to the great merits of your New Combination Muskellunge Bait. I gave them a good trial the first of last November and caught 13 Muskellunges in two and a half days fishing, without the loss of a fish, and two of the thirteen weighed over twenty pounds each. You will have a large demand for these baits, sportsman must have them. 

Yours Truly, John S. George

To Produce These Baits at once we will send by mail upon receipt of price: 

No. 1 For Salmon, Trout and Muskellunge $1.50

No. 2 For Pickerel, Pike Bass and Trout $1.25

No. 3 Sure Death to Bass $1.00

Catalog and Price List to Dealers, Send Business Card; Catalog to Sportsmen without Prices;  100 Kinds of Baits 

Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad

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