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Springfield Novelty Reel Lure

Springfield Novelty Reel Lure

The Springfield Novelty Reel Lure was first introduced around 1932. If the antique lure looks familiar, it should. Its strangely similar to the other barber pole lure the Charmer lure. Both companies just happened to be from Springfield Missouri 2  decades apart. Well, to muddy the water a bit, Adolph Kunz partner to Stanley Myers in the Springfield Novelty lure company was an employee of the Charmer Minnow Company some 20 years earlier. So when no direct conclusion can be drawn we can certainly imply the reason they look so much like a half a Charmer lure is because of said association.

The Reel Lure is a shorter lure at just 2″ in length with a forward weighted keel sinker just behind the front line tie. The no eyed wooden lure had a treble hook hanging from the front line tie as well as a treble hook right behind the rear prop to secure its catch when caught. The lure was available in a few different colors and colored stripe versions. The Patent Number for the reel lure was 1,931,932 and was granted in 1933.


Springfield Novelty Reel Lure Photo Gallery

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Clinton Little Wonder Lure

Clinton Little Wonder Lure

The Clinton Little Wonder Lure is one of my favorites. This “Barber Pole” style lure was made by The Clinton Wilt Manufacturing Company out of Springfield Missouri. While patented in 1913, I believe the antique lure to have been around a few years preceding it based on the magazine articles available. This wooden lure measures 3 1/4″ in length. This antique fishing lure is made with a wire through construction. The lure features a three blade tail spinner which allows the body of the lure to rotate while the front spinner rotates in the opposite direction. There is a weighted keel which balances the lure and keeps it from twisting up the line upon retrieval.

The Clinton Little Wonder antique lure used both the 70’s and 80’s series of numbers to define its coloring scheme. Available in 8 different colors, the same as its larger brother the Clinton Wilt Champion.

No 71 White red stripe
No 73 Orange red stripe
No 76 Gold red stripe
No 77 White green stripe
No 79 Orange green
No 81 Gold green stripe
No 83 Red green stripe
No 86 Oreen orange stripe

Clinton Little Wonder Lure Photo Gallery

Clinton Little Wonder Patent Information

Clinton Wilt Little Winder Lure Clinton Wilt Little Winder Lure

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THESE BAITS ARE MARVELS OF EASY ACTION PERFECTLY SMOOTH IN OPERATION They whirl through the water with the ease and grace of alive minnow glittering and beautiful. They CANNOT twist the line Both heads and bodies are perfectly balanced and revolve with more freedom and ease than any baits on the market. Heads and bodies revolve In opposite directions forcing an even position of the minnows in both trolling and casting. A three blade spinner revolves the body the head spinner revolving In an opposite direction on both models. The Champion Is fitted with double hooks on each side and a treble hook on the tail and are so arranged that they CANNOT become locked or get out of striking position.

Clinton Wilt Little Wonder Field and Stream 1911 Clinton Wilt Little Wonder Field and Stream 1911



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