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Lucky Bunny Lure

Lucky Bunny Lure

The Lucky Bunny Lure falls into the strange lure category. The antique rabbit fishing lure was first introduced in 1954. This antique lure was made by the American Rod and Gun Company out of Stamford Connecticut. Yes, this is a real rabbits foot.

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Lucky Bunny Lure

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I assume since it is said to bring good luck far be t from a fisherman to see if the claims were correct The lure was made in two different sizes a 3 1/2″ version and a 2 5/8″ inch version. The lure has a long plastic body with a duck bill to i,t is attached the line tie. The antique lure featured painted eyes and a single treble hook. Shown with it is the correct box.

Lucky Bunny Lure Photo Gallery

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