South Bend Zane Grey Teaser Lure

///South Bend Zane Grey Teaser Lure

South Bend Zane Grey Teaser Lure

South Bend Zane Grey Teaser Lure

The South Bend Zane Grey Teaser Lure is a giant antique fishing lure. This monstrous wooden lure was given a model series number 981. This huge salt water teaser lure measures 11″ in length. Originally introduced in 1928 it was in the South Bend antique lure line up for almost 4 decades, until 1964.

Zane Grey an iconic American, was given legendary status in the fishing community for his off shore escapades. Zane was said to have fished 300 days a year in his adult life. From the coast of Australia to the shores of Catalina Zane’s epic battles are forever written in American as well as International fishing lore through his many novels or being the subject of other authors. While Zane is given and almost demi god status for pioneering fishing adventures, his movies, production of them and Western cult status rivaled that of many that ever appeared on film and in written word.

The Zane Grey Teaser as stated above was 11 inches in length, and was made through many transitions, in company as well as lure variations. The antique lure can be found with Glass, Tack and painted eyes. The lure being a “Teaser” , unlike its smaller Tarp Oreno cousin, has no hooks to secure prey. The Teaser was only used as an attractant for the bait and switch style of fishing.

Stated in the 1928 South Bend Bait Company lure Catalog: “After several trips to Southern waters, Mr. Zane Grey, the famous salt water author and international authority on salt water fishing, designed the famous Zane Grey Teaser which is unusually effective for the very large species of Swordfish and Sailfish. Its size, its action in the water, its resistance in the water when trolling a good speed, and its coloration have all been worked out so that Mr. Grey pronounces it to be the best teaser ever developed.”

The Zane Gray Teaser was available in 5 catalogued colors:

PL Lustrous Pearl
RH Red Head White Body
RHA Red Head Aluminum (Shown in the Gallery Below)
RW Red Arrowhead
Z Zane Grey

South Bend Zane Grey Teaser Lure Photo Gallery

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