South Bend Whirl Oreno Lure

///South Bend Whirl Oreno Lure

South Bend Whirl Oreno Lure

South Bend Whirl Oreno

The South Bend Whirl Oreno lure is a series number 935. This antique lure was first produced in 1929 – 1933 on its first production run, and 1938 to 1940 on its second short lived production run. The antique lure had no eyes and is 3″ in width with a trailing dressed treble hook and is 5/8oz. The lure uses the body of itself to be the propeller. The lure was designed by Louis Chappleau.

The antique lures shown below in the gallery are Red and White and the Butter Fly Color Finishes. The 1929 South Bend antique lure catalog stated “The Whirl Oreno rides high on the surface of the water, cutting it propeller like, with a whirling, churning motion, leaving a wake of riffles. We believe it is the utmost effective surface lure ever offered. Whether you’re after Bass, or pickerel, walleye, or pike, it’s all the same every game fish will take it. Try a Whirl Oreno and you’ll want every color combination.”  The lure was also the front piece on the Truck Oreno antique fishing lure.which was first brought out in 1938.

The Standard Cataloged Colors were:

BY  Butterfly

F  Frog

RH  Red Head, White Body

South Bend Whirl Oreno Lure Gallery


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