South Bend Pike Oreno Lure

///South Bend Pike Oreno Lure

South Bend Pike Oreno Lure

South Bend Pike Oreno Lure

The South Bend Pike Oreno Lure was given a model number 957, by the South Bend Bait Company of South Bend, Indiana. The wooden antique lure went through a host of changes in its 21 years. The lure was first introduced in 1931 and lasted all the way until 1952. The Red & White, and Yellow Perch examples below were made around 1941. The lure went through a body length change in 1941 taking it from more of the straight back Vamp or Cigar shape to a more sleek tapered body. It’s length was adjusted as well length from 5 1/4″ in length to 4 3/4″.

Like its fellow lure brothers, length and body style wasn’t the only changes. During the two decade South Bend as well as many other lure makers would transition from Glass Eye, to the Tack Eye shown in the examples to Painted Eye in its final form. The lure features a stainless steel plate or diving lip was a pre-attached wire leader. The lure would be available with 2 Trebles as well as 3 Trebles at certain periods of time.

The 1942 Catalog states “Pike Oreno is is one of the greatest artificial lures. Deep Traveling, these lures float when at rest. Their realistic wiggling, swimming, minnow action is unsurpassed.”

The Pike Oreno was available in a litany of colors, 15 standard versions.

BW – Black Arrowhead
P – Pike Scale
PL – Pearl
Rain – Rainbow
RB – Rainbow Blue Back
RH – Red Head, White Body
RW – Red Arrowhead White Body
RY – Red Arrowhead, Yellow Body
S – Silver Flitter, White Body with Green Stripe
SF – Scale Finish (Green)
SH – Silver Herring
SSS – White Body Silver Flitter, Red Shadow Wave
SSY – Yellow Body, Silver Flitter, Black Shadow Wave
SZ – White Body, Blue Shadow Wave
YP – Yellow Perch

South Bend Pike Oreno Lure Photo Gallery

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