South Bend Panetlla Minnow

///South Bend Panetlla Minnow

South Bend Panetlla Minnow

South Bend Panetlla Minnow

The South Bend Panetlla Minnow was first introduced in 1912. For three decades this lure a model series 913 was present in the South Bend Bait Company lure catalogs of South Bend, Indiana. I don’t think this lure is given the credit it deserves for its longevity and place along side some of the other big 5 companies underwater minnow series.

The version shown below, a model series 913, is a wooden antique lure measuring 4 1/4 inches in length. The lure would have glass eyes until its transition to tack eye later on in it’s production life cycle. The earliest version of the Panetella having no tail cap at the rear of the lure. After a few years of production as the version presented in the gallery below has the tail cap. The tail cap was used to help reinforce the wood and keep it from splitting.

The underwater minnow was first produced with only three hooks, two on the sides and one at the tail. In 1914, the option to order a five hook minnow version was made available. The antique lure had both a front and rear spinner to help maintain its course upon retrieval.

As far as coloring for the Panetella the lure was made in quite an assortment over time. Certain colors were added to the palette while others removed after a very short period in time. The lure shown below is one of those colors that is considered very hard to find on a Panatella. Color Code G for Gold Body with Red Head was only mad for 3 years between 1919 and 1922, and is said to be rare in the South Bend book written by Terry Wong.

The 1916 South Bend Lure Catalog States: “An underwater minnow of slender shape, such as our Panetella, has proven to be a mighty effective lure, particularly when the gamey ones would not rise or be attracted by the heavier minnow bodies. The Panetella can be credited with saving numerous trips from “fishermans luck.” Therefore, it is, all in all, a very valuable piece of tackle.”

The Standard Colors for the South Bend Panetella Lure are as follows.

F      Frog
G       Gold with Red Head * Shown in the Gallery
GCB       Green Crackleback
R      Red, with a Black Nose
Rain      Rainbow
RB       Rainbow with Blue Back
RH        Red Head White Body
RHA        Red Head Aluminum Body
RHT       Red Head and Tail, White Body
RSF     Scale Finish Red Blend
SA    Solid Aluminum
SF     Scale Finish Green Blend
SR     Red Body Dark Shaded Back
SW      White Body Dark Shaded Back
W     White Body with Spots
Y      Yellow Perch

South Bend Panetlla Minnow Lure Photo Gallery

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