South Bend Lunge Oreno Lure

///South Bend Lunge Oreno Lure

South Bend Lunge Oreno Lure

South Bend Lunge Oreno Lure

The South Bend Lunge Oreno Lure was first introduced in 1932. Produced at 1108 South High Street, South Bend Indiana this antique fishing lure was given a model series 966. The lure was touted by Ivar Hennings the president of the South Bend Bait Company as being the best Muskie Surface Lure produced. That statement would fall short of its goal as the lure was produced for only 10 years and was out of production by 1942.

The lure itself is a large wooden antique fishing lure measuring 7 1/4 in length, and weighing 2 1/2 oz. The earliest version of this lure was produced with glass eyes for a very short time then to the painted tack eyes shown below in the photo gallery. The lure also originally was made with two, a front and rear prop, but would transition into having only 1 large front prop made of aluminum. The lure was was made with three large treble hooks to secure its catch. Made with a heavy duty wire through construction to withstand even the largest musky.

The lure was produced in four standard finishes:
P Pike Scale Finish
RH Red Head White Body
RSF Scale Finish Red Blend
Y Yellow With Spots

The 1932 South Bend Bait Company Catalog States: “Several extraordinary features are incorporated in the design of the thrill producing Lunge Oreno. Its strong Construction includes a heavy wire through the entire body on which the propeller revolves. This propeller, with its cup shaped edges, creates a most unusual commotion on the surface. Hooks are twice as large as those found on ordinary sized lures.”

South Bend Lunge Oreno Lure Photo Gallery

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