Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Here is a great Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet that I found among some other early Miscellaneous fishing lure dealer sheets. By Looking at the classic baits we know its early, unfortunately, there is no date stamped on this one like some of the others. I would bet this would be late 1940’s early 1950’s as that is the date ranges we see some of the lure such as the Stud Duck and My Pet appear.

Also included is a copy of the original Box and paperwork for the Top and Bottom.

Smithwick Top n Bottom Box Cover and Paperwork

Top N Bottom

The All season Lure

For Bass, Muskie, and Pike

This is an unreal lure for surface, popping and below surface fishing. The design of this lure is such that it can be handled just as effective by the novice as it can by the Expert. There is no certain speed required to give the lure action.

For Surface

Such as over mossed, edge of lily pads, and in water below one foot depth. Retrieve the lure very slowly. The proper speed is just enough that you can see the water ripple on the surface caused by the tail action of the lure.

For Popping

A quick backward movement of the rod will cause the lure to run deep on approximately 45 degree angle. Return the rod forward allowing the line to have slack, this will let the lure return to the surface at approximately the same angle as it went down, count to three (allowing approximatley 3 seconds) before moving the lure, than take from 2 to 5 quick turns on the reel.

For Depth

Retrieve the lure very fast. The Faster it is retrieved the deeper it will run.

Available in three sizes with 23 color pattern.

Jack K Smithwick & Son, Mfgr.

Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Series 100:
Devils Horse, Slow Sinker
Series 200
Devil Horse, Top Water
Series 300
Jack Sprat, Slow Sinker
Series 400
King Snipe, Top Water
Series 500
My Pet, Top Water
Series 600
Tootsie Bug, Sinker
Series 700
Tootsie Bug, Sinker
Series 800
Walking Scorpion, Bucktail
Series 900
Walking Scorpion, Rubber Tail
Series 1000
Smithwick Special
Series 1100
Gandy Dancer, Top Water
Series 1200
Stud Duck, Top Water

Color Series
1 Pearl
2 White
3 Red Head
4 Green Minnow
5 Frog
6 Silver Flash
7 Yellow, White Rib
8 Shad
9 Yellow Green Back
10 Black, White Rib
12 Silver Shiner

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