Shur Strike Small Dude Lure

Shur Strike Small Dude Lure

Shur Strike Small Dude Lure

The Shur Strike Small Dude Lure was first released around 1941. The Creek Chub Bait Company under the Shur Strike Bait Companies name in Garrett Indiana produced this small wooden lure measuring just a hair over 1 3/4″ in length. With a name like “Small Dude” you know it has to be a cool lure, how could it not. This wooden lure given the Model Number “SD” was only was made for a short time in the lure line up, but had a good representation while it lasted.

The fishing lure only ever had painted eyes unlike like many other of the Shur Shrike Companies lures. This was due in part to its later arrival when most companies were making the transition as to painted tack or painted eyes. The Small Dude is similar to the Paw Paw Punkinseed or the Shur Strike Petite Spinner in shape, a short rounded lure with two smaller trebles connected via an eye screw and a single centered belly weight. The lure had a standard rounded diving lip mounted just under the mid line of the face of the bait, to which atop rests the antique lure’s single line tie.

Noteworthy, while the Small Dude antique fishing lure while shorter lived, it was however available in a litany of color finishes. These colors ranging from the standard Yellow Perch and Red & White’s to some super colors like Goldfish and Strawberry Spotted and White Scale. This in my opinion makes the Shur Strike Small Dude Fishing lure a super lure to collect and display. In conclusion the standard colors of this classic antique lure are wallet friendly while you search out those tougher colors of the Shur Strike Small Dude. The Yellow Perch lure shown in the gallery below is housed in its correct early 1940’s Blue and Orange Style box, Labeled on the end SD-1YP.

Some of the Colors of the Small Dude you can expect to find are;
0 – Pike Scale
1YP – Yellow Perch (Shown Below)
2 – Red & White (Shown Below)
5 – New Red Side
6 – Shiner Scale
8 – Rainbow
14 – Bar Chain or Chain Perch
18 – Silver FLash
19 – Frog
20 – White Scale (Shown Below)
41 – Blue Back
42 – Goldfish
43 – Spotted

Shur Strike Small Dude Lure Photo Gallery

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