Shakespeare Jacksmith Antique Lure

///Shakespeare Jacksmith Antique Lure

Shakespeare Jacksmith Antique Lure

Shakespeare Jacksmith Lure

The Shakespeare Jacksmith lure was Series 6561. The wooden, pressed eye lure was first introduced in the 1930’s by the Shakespeare Bait Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan. This antique fishing lure  measures 4 1/8″ in length.  It features 3 standard size treble hooks, the rear of which is held on by Shakespeare’s Ball Hanger. The antique fishing lure had a cupped face inset to body which there rested the lures single line tie. As shown in the gallery below the fishing lure featured a unique metal fin or keel underneath of it. This was done no doubt just like in a ship to keep the lures trajectory straight while being retrieved through the water.

There was also a smaller, and rather tough to find,  Jr version produced shown below, a model 6560, called  the Jacksmith Jr. While very similar to it’s bigger brother there are some differences. Most notably the removal of the keel, Im not sure if this was done as the smaller the size the less the wobble on retrieve or to save on cost and materials. The antique Shakespeare Jacksmith Lure was no doubt made to be similar to Heddon’s very successful Basser Lure, the Heddon 8500 series. The lure is most often found in the photo finish scheme.

Shakespeare Jacksmith Lure Gallery

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