Paw Paw Weedless Wotta Frog Lure

///Paw Paw Weedless Wotta Frog Lure

Paw Paw Weedless Wotta Frog Lure

Paw Paw Weedless Wotta Frog Lure

The Paw Paw Weedless Wotta Frog Lure had been around for some time before this version was introduced after 1960. The lure made in Paw Paw Michigan, by the Paw Paw Bait Company, was the final metamorphosis of a lure that had seen both body, hook and size and paint and size modifications. This version of the Weedless Wotta Frog or The Weedless Wow antique lure was given a model series number 75.

This wooden antique lure measured in at 2″ in length. The lure was adorn with its over sized glass eyes and a single forward line tie for retrieval. The lure retained its weedless ¬†properties as it still employed the use of the two rear facing single wires to direct the weeds away from it’s hooks.

From a visual stand point his version of the lure took its body shape from the best selling Paw Paw Wotta Frog. The two afixes single hooks were replaces with a single double hook exiting the rear of the lure. The hair that was used to disguise these hooks was changed, and a set of two rubber legs were affixed to the side of the lure with screw eyes. These legs were a light flimsy type of rubber, and were akin to a more realistic swiming action as the antique fishing lure was retrieved through the water.

We saw another change with the model series number taken down from the 600 and 700 used on previous Wow’s to a Number 75. In the lures previous models the lures were available in a assorted 7 color palate that the lure was finished in. In contrast this newer version was only produced in the Natural Green Frog Finish (Splatter Finish). Finally for my bad joke for the day, Does not fishing using a frog as bait qualify for the purist form of fly fishing?

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