Paw Paw Plenty Sparkle Lure

///Paw Paw Plenty Sparkle Lure

Paw Paw Plenty Sparkle Lure

Paw Paw Plenty Sparkle Lure

The Paw Paw Plenty Sparkle Lure is created in the late 1950’s early 1960’s. This antique fishing lure made by Paw Paw Bait Company of Paw Paw Michigan and was a lure model series number 5500. This wooden lure measured in at 4″ inches in length and was a top water fished lure. The fishing lure features a single line tie attached to the inverted notched or concave mouth. The lure has 3 treble hooks secured by surface hardware, to secure its prey once it is caught. The antique lure features a single rear spinner to aid in the maintaining coarse and making some noise during its retrieval. The Plenty Sparkle’s most distinguishing traits were its rhinestone eyes and the five rhinestones inset into its belly, thus lending to the legitimacy of the name of the lure. There was a few in the Plenty Sparkle family, the Jr., and the Darter, but the 5500 series was the largest of them all.  I’ve got 4 Great Color examples highlighted in the galleries including some real tough ones.

The Plenty Sparkle antique fishing lure was available in the following color schemes or patterns.

5500 Yellow Belly Silver Scale (Shown in First Gallery)
5501 Natural Perch
5504 Red Head White
5508 Frog White Belly
5509 Yellow, with Red and Black Spots (Shown Below)
5510 Frog Yellow Belly
5511 Black with Gold and Red Spots (Shown Below)
5512 Silver Flash (Shown Below)
5523 Dace Scale
5533 Black Scale Yellow Belly

Paw Paw Plenty Sparkle Lure Lure Photo Gallery

Plenty Sparkle in Yellow with Red and Black Spots Gallery Model 5509

Silver Flash Color Model 5512 Antique Lure Photo Gallery


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