Paul Bunyan Lure Counter Display

Paul Bunyan Lure Counter Display

Paul Bunyan Lure Counter Display

This is a neat Paul Bunyan Lure Counter Display unit. This counter merchandising display dates to the 1940’s or early 1950’s. I also was pleasantly surprised to see they made and sold a combo whistle, I had no idea they ever sold these. If anyone owns one of these tore displays and wants to take a picture that I could add to the article I would welcome it.

Paul Bunyan’s De Luxe Display Cabinet

1 doz.  66     Bunyan “66”   @ $1.00

6 only 2800 Flash Eye Weedless @ $.90
6 only 2500 Flasheye Regular @ $.75
6 only 2300 Ruby Spoon @ $.75
1 doz 1900 Weaver, Regular @ $1.00
6 only 1950 Weaver, Deep @ $1.00
1 doz 2100 Artful Dodger @ $.40
1 doz 110N Pike Spinner @ $.25
1 doz 110S Pike Spinner @ $.25
1 doz 111N 30 in Flasho Long Leader @ $.35
1 doz 111S 30 in Flasho Long Leader @ $.35
2 doz 33 Flasho Spinner @$.15
6 doz 6-in Steel Casting and Trolling Leader @ $.10
6 doz 6-in Steel Casting and Trolling Leader, 2 for $.25
1 doz 7000 Presto Sinker Set @ $.50
2 doz 2000 Fish Scaler @ $.10
1 doz 6000 Torpedo Float @ $.35

Here is Paul Bunyan’s outstanding Merchandising Unit, specially desiged and constructed for the dealer or operator who is limited to space, yet still desires to carry a full line of popular selling, Nationally advertised lures.

Reserve stock on all items displayed is stored on shelves in the back part of the unit, which has a sliding panel that protects the merchandise and keeps pilferage at a minimum.

Command Compass

The finest combination Command whistle and accurate Compass on the market. Ideal for hunters, fishermen, Boy Scouts and Campers. Whistle is shrill and powerful with an exceedingly long range. Compass is accurate and always ready for use. Durable plastic manufacture insures long life and absolute satisfaction.

Price Per Carton of 12: $15.00

Suggested Retail Price: $ 1.25

Packed in display cartons of 12

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