Miss Golddigger Lure

Miss Golddigger Lure

Miss Golddigger Lure

The Miss Golddigger Lure was the invention of Jodell White. Jodell was a simple man, who grew up during the depression. As we have seen before the countries economic woes would supplant many families, including the White’s. Jodell’s family was forced to move around during his early years as many families would experience a consolidation of the family structure to maintain and survive. Jodell growing up on the move, would find himself like so many others of that era part of the great American wartime machine. He would find his mate and his enlistment early on in the 1940’s. After his enlistment and marriage would both come to an end Jodell, like in his early years would find employment and his life around his family.

It was during this period of his life, Jodell would also find fishing lures as an expression of his artistry. Bill Stuart writes in Vol. III of his historical works “Florida Lure Makers and Their Lures” (If you don’t have this series YOU NEED to find and buy them, the information included is a life’s work) ┬áthat the base configuration or Golddigger primary material was a type of plastic or acrylic used for making denture base’s. This plastic material would be poured into the mold, with it materials that would provide for some of the oddities that create the lures look. Almost so that I would say that not too many lures would turn our alike in the early years.

The Miss Golddigger, a plastic lure measures 2 3/8 in length as two smaller sized trebles affixed to the body via screw eye. The lure has painted eyes and a small diving lip. The lure can be found in two different type structures, the first a more flexible plastic, and the second the more common rigidity most lures would come to be. This was done by interfering and interjecting midway in the cooling of process of the Golddigger lure itself. The lure can be found in a few different colors with different materials inserted to provide different looks.

Jodell never patented his creation, and when life like so many times for Jodell took a turn and a new location, he sold the Golddigger to Humdinger an Ocala based lure maker. There are at least 3 differnt types of boxes for the Golddigger, a 2 Piece cardboard box, which is its earliest, then would come a box where Humding would use a simple label to cover up and provide its information shown in the gallery below. The Miss Golddigger antique fishing lure is not an easy one to come by so can provide years of collecting to amass them in any number.

Miss Golddigger Photo Gallery

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