Kurz Buck Skin Lure

Kurz Buck Skin Lure

Kurz Buck Skin Lure

The Kurz Buck Skin Lure is over 100 years old. Given that it is a piece of folded rawhide it looks pretty darn good for being over the century mark. The Kurz Bros. Co. were based in Chicago, Illinois @1369-89 North Branch Street.and during a time in the mid teens where lure inventors experienced making lures our of everything from glass to metal it would only be logical the someone would choose raw hide.

The Kurz Buck skin lure is essentially a folded piece of rawhide. The lure claims that when fished it has a lifelike softness. The antique lure was made in three different sizes, two of which are shown below. The lure was painted in three different finishes as well, Silver , Gold (Shown Below) & Brown (Shown Below). The Buck Skin Lure uses a steel rivet to hold the pieces together, and small weight inserted between the two layers on the bottom. The lure has a single upwardly turned fixed hook midway on the top portion of the lure.

Kurz Buck Skin Paperwork

Kurz Buck Skin Paperwork

Kurz Buck Skin Bait

Embodying an Entirely New Principle in Artificial Bait

Real Skin

Strong, Raw calf or buckskin, treated under a special formula, so that it will soften in cold water to produce the effect and touch of a living fish – that is the idea behind Kurz Buck Skin Bait.

Fish Like Shape and Color

Every line of the typical living bait is reproduced and the resulting shape is artistically painted by hand to simulate natural color.

Animated Motion

By a Scientific balance arrangement, Kurz Buck Skin Baits ride with a never failing natural motion. Further, they clear themselves of all weeds and other obstructions amazingly effecting catches in fertile spots where other popular baits fail to function.


In every action and appearance like live bait, Kurz Buck Skin baits are equally effective, but, never dying nor loosing thier animation, they are in that way far superior to Natural Bait. Kurz Buck Skin Baits can be used over and over again any number of times with no deterioration whatsoever.

See Important Note and Prices on Reverse Side

Dealers Everywhere

Kurz Bros. Co.

1369-89 North Branch Street

Chicago, USA                      Patent Applied For  

Kurz Buck Skin Paperwork

Kurz Buck Skin Paperwork


No. 40 – Buck Skin Minnow Price $0.85

For Bass, Pike, Etc.

4/0 Hollow Point Sproat Hook – Length 3 1/2in. Weight 3/4oz

No. 6 – Junior Buck Skin Minnow Price $0.60

For FLy Rod Casting – Bass, Trout Crappie, etc

No. 6 Hollow Point Sproat Hook – Length 1 7/8in. Weight 1/12oz

Made in the Following color combinations:

S – Silver

G – Gold

B – Brown

No. 80 – Buck Skin Sucker Price $1.50

For Muskies, Salmon, Lake Trout & Salt Water Fishing.

8/0 Shaughnessy Hollow Point Hook Length 7in. Weight 2ozs.

Important Note

Put Bait in the water about 10 mins before using. This will produce the natural life like softness. After Buck Skin Bait has been wet and dried again, it becomes wrinkled. This does not affect its usefulness after it has again been put into water a short time, it will resume its natural lifelike form

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