Judas Frog Lure Sporting Industries

///Judas Frog Lure Sporting Industries

Judas Frog Lure Sporting Industries

Judas Frog Lure

The Judas Frog Lure was made in 1947.  We see a lot of lures especially novelty type lures being made after WWII, as all the men return from the war wanting to spend time doing recreational things. This also is the beginning of the Baby Boom era and generation, and America returning to normalcy and producing items for recreation instead of war. Almost ever industry whether it be housing, industrial, recreational reaped the benefits of a country who was riding high on its recent victory and turning its focus back from its focus on War.

Made by Sporting Industries, in Chicago Illinois. Measuring 3 5/8″ in length, this plastic frog with a permanent finish has 2 trailing treble hooks one at the belly and one at the aft end attached to the closed legs. The lure has a small plain front diving plane or lip. This great frog lure example I believe was only offered in the green an black spot frog coloring shown. The lure nicknamed “The Fish Betrayer Supreme” from its obvious namesake Judas from the Bible. The lure is popular with frog specific and misc lure collectors alike. The yellow border, brown white and blue box touts patent pending and that the lure is “The Supreme Bait for Bass and Walleyes.” The box for the Judas Frog Lure is marked 375 Tr on the end flap and I’m uncertain to the meaning of its designation.

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