Jamison Winged Mascot Lure No 2

///Jamison Winged Mascot Lure No 2

Jamison Winged Mascot Lure No 2

Jamison Winged Mascot Lure No. 2

Today I lost one of my best friends who I traveled across country to lure shows for years with. For two decades Joe and I were friends and my list of memories just as long. So many times, at the end of the nights, if neither of us sold much we would dump our lures on the bed and make huge trade piles and just swap lures. We enjoyed each others lure more than any we could usually find at the shows. Joe was a mentor to me and sometimes I thought of him as a friend, other times as a Dad. Joe wasn’t ever afraid to say what he thought and I so loved that about him. He was the first secretary to the National Lure Collectors Club in the 1970’s. Joe taught me priorities and reminded me every time we spoke of what was important and that was family and friends. I’m having a hard time trying to write with tears on my keyboard. He texted me last night telling me he needed to see me as he knew his time was coming, I replied back I could be there today, instead the phone rang today and Joe had passed. Joe was big on history, and his love of the ancillary things we collected gave us both a lot of things to talk about. You will hear me  mention Joe as #itsmystorytotell and will be my way of dealing with it (I can hear him telling me now to suck it up buttercup and dont let this get in the way of what we love and keep telling those stories)

I wrote this post about Joe almost a year ago, I dont feel much like lures tonight so Ill just re-post this. If you haven’t told someone how much they mean to you, do so, because you never know when it may be your last.

Joe Nelson and Jamison Lures

We’ve come to appreciate certain things in Southern Oklahoma, the rain being the one at the forefront. So, on a a rainy day in Southern Oklahoma I awoke this morning appreciative of natures gift, and in my early morning routine again I was reminded of another. No matter the days, the weeks and more often then not lately the many many months gone, the paths traveled or life’s circumstances have led, Ive always received a email response from my friend Joe. Joe, a friend for almost two decades who I’ve traveled the country with, attending antique fishing lure shows, talked at great length about more topics than I can name.

He has always taken time to email me, check on and wish my son’s health and his battle with ITP. He is a good friend who would listen to whatever I found relevant, and gave his thoughts. As 20 years my senior, one of the early members of the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club, a father, a devote husband and successfully retired sporting equipment business man, he has been successful in all his endeavors personal and professional. Joe has a knack to say whats on his mind, good or bad, take it or leave it, Joe spoke his peace and I’ve always enjoyed that. While it wouldn’t be appropriate to discuss in length, my friend has had his issues with health. And on this rain filled morning many days since my initial email, and many weeks since out last correspondence, his wife responded for him. Letting me know he had been in the hospital for many days, the email was like a ton of bricks had been thrown through my computer screen into my lap and onto my conscience.

Ive been through this before with another dear fiend, who I would attend shows with, get together to break bread and discuss the important things in life. My dear friend Andy who lost his battle with cancer some time back. And if truth be told I believe the last cross country voyage to a large lure show I went to was with both Joe and Andy. Maybe its just my own guilt for not having been the best of friend to Joe for the last few years while I’ve tried to deal with my own accident and coming to figure out the new me. Or, maybe its I woke up on this rainy Oklahoma day and I was reminded to be appreciative of something that doesn’t come around too often besides a good rain, a good friend.

Afraid of seeming like a tough guy I am not, for its my story to tell. Afraid of being able to tell a a person I’ve always respected him, and appreciated his friendship, I am guilty. Jenny, would you show or read this to Joe, and please tell him I love him and god speed at getting back to the Joe we’ve grown to love.

Joe has devoted years to studying the different makes, models and colors and at one point, amassing what some would consider the greatest collection of Jamison lures, so it would only be appropriate for today’s lure.

Jamison Winged Mascot Lure No 2

The Jamison Winged Mascot Lure No 2 was initially produced in 1916. It the smaller of its brethren the No. 2 measured 2 3/4″ in length. The no eyed, wooden antique lure had adjustable wings on each side of the lure head. It had 2 line ties as well to adjust the dive level, as well as 2 trailing treble hooks. As shown in the 1916 Jamison Antique Lure Catalog below, it stated it could be fished above or below and would come to surface at rest. The lure was available in a few finishes and was on the market roughly a dozen years. The lure came in its own Winged Mascot labeled pink hued box with the directions for use and the name of the lure on top..

Jamison Winged Mascot Lure No 2 Gallery


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