Jamison Nemo Antique Lure

///Jamison Nemo Antique Lure

Jamison Nemo Antique Lure

Jamison Nemo Antique Lure

The Jamison Nemo Antique Lure is one of my favorite lures made by smiling Bill. Circa 1910 this rotary head antique lure made by the William Jamison Company of Chicago, Illinois. This wooden fishing lure measured 2 3/8″ in length, and was also available in a musky sized version. The lure itself had a removable head so that you could exchange with other Nemo lures to create a myriad color combinations. The 5 colors that the Jamison Nemo antique lure can be found in are Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Green thus making a total of 25 combinations the angler could create.  The Nemo lure had a forward or front dual hook and a single hook attached to the rear which features a weedless tines. My favorite part of the Nemo lure is the hanging belly weight, which could be left on for sub surface adventures or removed to create a top water event.

The Jamison Nemo, like all early Jamison lures came in its own labeled box citing its features, functions and benefits of the antique lure. The early pink box shown below proclaims the same as the catalog cut shown and speaks of the lures use, purpose and abilities as versatile a fish getter.

Thanks to my friend Joe for letting me use this photo of his Nemo lures we took many years ago. A weekend we spent photographing his lures, grilling steaks, talking lure history and enjoying friendship. We as lure collectors need to be grounded sometimes to remember these lures, that while we may be these historical items keepers. The lures in time will come and go, but the friendships we make along the way, last a lifetime.

1916 Jamison Nemo Antique Lure Catalog Cut

“The Nemo Bass Bait while mainly intended for use as a surface bait, can be instantly changed to a underwater bait by moving the weight to the front of the bait. It will then run 15 to 18 inches under the surface; but should you stop reeling, it immediately comes to the surface, which is a great convenience in case of a backlash as it keeps the bait up out of the weeds. It can be  used as a strictly weedless bait by removing the double hook. This bait is the most attractive and effective of all revolving head baits and it is the only one made that does not twist the line. Made of Spanish cedar covered in 9 coats of celluloid enamel, which does not chip or crack and is absolutely waterproof.”

Colors: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, or any combination.

Jamison Nemo Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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