Jamison Convertible Coaxer Lure

///Jamison Convertible Coaxer Lure

Jamison Convertible Coaxer Lure

Jamison Convertible Coaxer Lure

The Jamison Convertible Coaxer Lure was introduced around 1905-1909. I give a date range as the books say one thing and I have dug up advertising that says it was new that dates to 1909. Either way its a very early lure and another one of our century club members. The Convertible Coaxer was just that it was a coaxer defined or made to be used in different situations wherthe rit be open water or weed filled. The normal Coaxer lure has the standard rear affixed single hook, the convertible has that plus, a detachable double hook under the belly, and another single hook attached to the single hook from the rear allowing a pork rind to be attached to the antique lure. The lure was available in the standard 1 1/4 inch size and a larger musky size measuring in at 2 3/8″ in length.

Jamison unlike the other makers, had different or specific labels affixed to their boxes which described the lure and its use.
This box describes: The only convertible bait made. This bait can be used as a strictly weedless bait when desired by removing the double hook from the bottom of the bait. This can be done in two seconds and it can be put back as readily. The double hook should be used only when in open water out of the weeds.

I did a small article on the Convertible Coaxer that can be viewed by clicking the highlighted link.

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