Heddon Water Wave River Runt Lure

///Heddon Water Wave River Runt Lure

Heddon Water Wave River Runt Lure

Heddon Water Wave River Runt Lure

The Heddon Water Wave River Runt Lure was introduced in 1938. This antique Heddon lure made in Dowagiac, Michigan was given a Model E9400RW. This version of the iconic Heddon lure is a floater river runt series. This lure was born of an experiment to blend the paint into the plastic of the lure. This explains the E in the antique fishing lure model name as it was nicknamed, Ever Last. Instead of the traditional painting of lures Heddon, the master of marketing and leader in lure innovation always moving forward in innovations in the American fishing lure industry.

The Ever last series contained a floater and a sinking version of the River Runt. The colors available were:

Blended Red RW
Yellow and Black Blend YB
Green and Black Blend GB

As antique lure collectors, these Water Wave River Runt lures are highly coveted,as they were only ever made that one year, 1938 and were gone from the lure catalog line up the next season. These antique fishing lures will be found housed in the H.R. Brush series two piece cardboard box marked either E9400 for the floating, or E9110 for the sinking, and if your lucky you may find the elusive Deep Diver. The lures will all utilize Heddon’s two piece flap rig hardware to hold the two treble hooks. All will have gold eyes for easy identification. They will also all be stenciled on the belly for identification with either a sinker or floater.

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