Heddon Hi Tail Antique Lure

///Heddon Hi Tail Antique Lure

Heddon Hi Tail Antique Lure

Heddon Hi Tail Antique Lure

The Heddon Hi Tail Antique Lure was first introduced into Heddon’s Line up in 1960. This plastic spook lure is 2″ in length and tops the charts at 1/3 oz. The antique lure a model series #305 can be found in both white painted eyes, or with gold. The lure is a novelty type looking like a small guppy or “Whale” and has always been a big hit with kid collectors. The lure was not ever considered a great fisher and would soon be gone from the Heddon (Daisy) lure line up. The lure has a forward line tie, a diving lip and uses the Bell Hardware to connect it’s one treble hook.

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Heddon Hi Tail Antique Lure
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The lure was available in a handful of standard colors and can also be found in a few coveted un-cataloged colors, such as the BWC or Winner, Indy Checkered Flag as shown in the gallery below. Any un-cataloged colors should be considered rare as they dont turn up that often.

Frog – F
Black – B
Silver Scale – SS
Perch – L
Yellow – Y
Red & White – 02

Shad – SD
Yellow Shore – XRY
Silver Shore – XRS

Black & White Checkered, Indy, Winner – BWC

In 1960 Heddon released the Hi Tail as part of it’s Big “Three”

Tantalizingly terrific! This new type of surface lure will make you the best top-water fisherman you’ve ever been. Neither you nor the bass will be able to let it rest when you see it’s tail-flicking, gurgling, roll kicking surface antics. A double barreled killer of big fish, can be worked in an amazing number of ways in one spot, or just retrieved steadily. Either way will load your stringer! We dare you to try this lure and not agree it;s the greatest “new surface action” to appear in years.

Heddon Hi Tail 1960 Lure Catalog

Heddon Hi Tail 1960 Lure Catalog

Heddon Hi Tail Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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