Heddon Dowagiac Minnows Newspaper Ad 1919

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Heddon Dowagiac Minnows Newspaper Ad 1919

Heddon Dowagiac Minnows Newspaper Ad

This Heddon Dowagiac Minnows Newspaper Ad comes to us from 1919. Often we think only to look to magazines for ads, artwork and for information. This Ad is from the Arizona Republican Newspaper published in 1919. The Palace Hardware and Arms store provides us with this outside the box glimpse into our antique lure history.

Heddon’s Dowagiac Minnows

Heddon’s “Dowagiac” Minnows are the original Wooden Minnow and of the recognized highest quality.

The New Heddon “Deep O Diver” No 7000 Series

Specifically designed to dive very deep where the bass are found in mid-summer in Northern lakes. Does not float. Sinks and Dives and has active swimming or wiggling movement, which with rubber Pork Rind attached, adds to attractiveness. Is a deadly killer with one double hook equipment.
No. 7009D Natural Scale Finish (Green Scale)
No. 7009E White Body Greenis Black Spots
No. 7009F Yellow Body Black Head
No. 7009H Red Scale Finish

No.    1900 Series Baby Crab Wiggler

The above illustration shows our new Baby Crab Wiggler a smaller pattern of the famous Crab Wiggler first put on the market in 1915 and which proved a record breaker on Bass and other fresh water game fishes. The Bait is equipped with double hooks and because  of the peculiar angle at which it rides in the water the double hooks will be found absolutely snag-less, without detracting from the fish killing qualities.
No. 1900 Fancy Green Back
No. 1900S White Body Red and Green Spotted Affect
No. 1901 Rainbow  No. 1902 White Body with Red Head
No. 1905 Yellow Body with Red and Green spots on back
No. 1909A Yellow Perch
No. 1909B Imitation Frog
No. 1909C Imitation Crab
No. 1909D Scale Finish
No. 1909H Red Scale

The New Heddon “Tad-Polly” No. 5000-6000 Series

Has a wonderful wiggling movement in the water, floats when at rest dives and runs rather deep when retrieved. Series 5000 Weighs 1/2 oz, length over 3 7/8″ Series 6000 weighs 3/8 oz, length over 4 5/8 inches
No. 5000 Fancy Green Back
No. 5000S White Spotted
No. 5001 Rainbow
No. 5002 White Body Red Head
No. 5009A Yellow Perch
No. 5009B Frog
No. 5009D Scale Finish
No. 5009H Red Scale Finish

Heddon Dowagiac Minnows Newspaper

Heddon Dowagiac Minnows Newspaper

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