Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure

///Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure

Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure

Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure

The Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure is a collector favorite, and was first introduced around 1939-1940. Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan purchased the patent rights to this winged creature from Jim Donaly, of Hoptacong NJ. This version is the Model 2100 series and is the second to largest in the Crawler family measuring in at around 2 3/4″. This version would would last until 1957 when it would be usurped by its plastic version brethren.

Looking like a giant bee with wings, the Crazy Crawler is a Bass catching machine. With its stamped aluminum wings fluttering as fast as one can reel it in, this top water lure makes a heck of a noise that is sure to incite any Bass near by. If you never have fished one, buy yourself a cheaper one and take to you local pond to see what I mean. Thankfully the lure has two hooks because when the bass knocks this thing for a loop you’ll need them to secure your catch. This is one of my favorite antique lures to fish and throw on late spring early summer. The anticipation and splashing of a top water strike of a Bass coming out of the water hitting this antique fishing lure is quite a rush.

This Heddon favorite was originally produced with two piece flap rig hardware, and later would make the transition to surface. The lure would be housed in the era specific H.R. Brush Box then on to the Banner. This antique lure was produced in roughly 11 standard colors. The Crazy Crawler lures were available with many variations,  making it a great lure to collect. This specific one shown is a rare version called the Ghost. I try not to throw the word rare around too much, as it seems to have lost its meaning with people trying to lead you down the wrong path. But I can tell you Ive handle tens of thousands of Heddon lures in the past few decades and this one doesn’t come around too often. The Ghost is essentially a Black Shore Crazy Crawler, which is hard to find on it’s own, however you notice its eerie painted eyes give the lure its namesake. Most all crawlers will have a black and gold or red and black or variations of the pupil, however this one has a shaded white painted eye that was only produced for 2 years around 1941-1943.

The Standard Crazy Crawler Colors were:
XRY Yellow Shore (Shown Below)
BF Bull Frog
XRW Red and White Shore
BWH Black and White Head
YRH Yellow Red Head
GM Gray Mouse
CM Chipmunk
2LUM Luminous
XBW Black and White Shore
XRS Silver Shore
GW Glow Worm

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