Fly Fishing Feature Friday IV

//Fly Fishing Feature Friday IV

Fly Fishing Feature Friday IV

Fly Fishing Feature Friday IV

Fly Fishing Feature Friday IV: I’ve heard the old saying twisted around, the reason you fish are yours and yours alone, but the passion is for all to share. People spend tens of thousands of dollars to travel to the most remote faces of the planet to enjoy and pursue this great passion. From Coast to Coast, Peak to Valley, Hills to plains they make the journey to see to touch to taste life though the eye of the fly.

Would it be of much of a surprise then that one then that one who is involved with facilitating those hopes and dreams would then come to create and produce something for all to share in. Jim Klug, founder and Director of operations for Yellow Dog Fly Fishing adventures is such a guy. Jim and his partner Chris Patterson, a came together to produce Confluence Films. What Jim is to the facilitation of fly fishing dreams, Chris is the maestro of Cinematography, having spent 24 years with the acclaimed Warren Miller. Those unfamiliar with Warren Miller and his Ski films should take 30 seconds and open up a new window and Google Warren Miller Ski Film and take a peak. Warrens mission in life was to take remote down hill skiing and its beauty and blood pumping adrenaline thrills, and mesh it with some apropos music and create inspiration to go above and beyond.

Confluence Films has produced a handful of films and is working on another due out some time this year. Until then I will wet your whistle with a piscatorial trailer, a symposium of fin and fun with its trailer; Waypoints.


Confluence Films can be found Here:   Confluence Films   The videos are well worth the purchase, and can be done on the website, or just about any online retailer or fly fishing store.

An worthwhile interview with Jim, about the industry, his films and his path, can be found here in the F3T Podcast Episode 2 of Whiskey and Water.


While we have spoken and shown so far in the past episodes of Fly Fishing Feature Friday about some of those who visually will take you on a ride externally we will take a sneak peak at someone who will take you for a ride internally. Those who have enjoyed fly fishing, fishing in general or its literary component, it’s interpretations have no doubt come across John Gierach


You’ll find a theme throughout his works, and in the 30 second clip for his Book: All Fisherman Are Liars John says it once again, just in case you missed it;


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